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December 18, 1967
Mr. R.S. Howard, Jr.
Executive Secretary
State Water Quality Control Board
47 Trinity Avenue, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Dear Mr. Howard:
Thank you for your letter of November 17, forwarding a copy of "A Water Quality
Study of Proctor Creek", outlining the biological condition of this stream.
am sure that our Water Pollution Control Division will find this information
most helpful in working toward relief of the pollution problems in this area.
You should be advised that the City of Atlanta has undertaken several actions
to improve the conditions of Proctor Creek from the standpoint of both sanitary
sewer overflows and general pollution due to combined .storm and sanitary overflows
coming from the combined storm sewer system connected to that basin .
I will briefly
outline in the following para graph$ 1 some of the major actions planned for the basin
in order that your of fice may be kept continually posted .
You and your staff will
be advised fur ther and in more deta il f regarding each proj ect ment i one d be low.
The City plan s to provide a ma jor tempor ary treatment f acility i n the v i cinity of
Hollywood Roa d to acconnnodate a major portion of the sanitary sewer ove r load t ha t
exi sts i n t hat bas i n and to a llow further deve lopment i n the mont hs ahea d .
Th i s
plant will be so de signe d t ha t it may s erve a s a n a dequate trea t men t device fo r
the period fr om mid- s ummer 1968 t hr ough mid- s ummer 1970 , until such time as the
diversion line fr om the Proctor Creek Basin int o the Sandy Creek Ba s in and into
the new enlarged Sandy Creek Water Pollution Control Plant is constructed.
Detailed plans and specifications for the pr oposed system near Hollywood Road
will be provided to your office in the near future .
A contract was recently let to relieve a small portion of the Bellwood Outfall sewer
which has badly deteriorated over the years of its use and is an area of frequent
break-down and spill to Proctor Creek.
This contract will befurther extended
immediately after the first of the year to provide for a similar relief to the
lower end of the Bellwood Outfall and totally prevent overflows in this area.
was a major pollution point mentioned in the report that you o£fered us.
The items mentioned above are in addition to the major Water Pollution Control Improvement Program laid on in 1966 by the City of Atlanta which will eventually lead to a
drastic reduction of pollutional effects on the Chattahoochee River due to the
construction of major trunk sewer facilities and new or improved water pollution
control plants at the R.M. Clayton and Sandy Creek site.
Unfortunately, the se major
improvement s cannot be expected to show marked benef its until a pprox imate ly 1971.
The items mentioned previously are intended to provide a more immediate relief to
some particularly trouble some areas that exist at present or that can be antic i pated
a s problem areas with the increasing deve lopment in this area.
If this off ice can work with you in any way to further alleviate identifiable problem
areas, please contact us immed iat e l y .
Yours ve r y t r uly,
I van Allen , J r .

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