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November 10, 1967

City of Atlanta
City Mail, 68 Mitchell Street
Atlante, Yeorgia

Attention: My. Ray Nixon
Chief, Construction Dept.


Over the past several years we have tried to get the combination storm
and sanitary sewer, indicated on the attached sketch, repaired; so far,
no results other than conversation, The area designated by hatching
and numbered 633 is our property and is constantly being flooded with
beth storm and sanitary waste from an unimown number of houses, schools
and whatever above us.

The City of Atlanta is aware of this situation and has as yet done
nothing. This cannot continue, wo must have relief. Whatever we can
reasonably do to help, we will,

Please, we expect to hear from the City soon,

REY emo ‘ewton
Vice President

ois wali City of Atlanta

Fulton County Health Dept.
99 Butler Street, 8, 3B,

1502 Atlanta Federal Bldg.

Mr. Gregory Griggs
691 Woodland Avenue, S. E,

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