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September 12, 1967

Mr. Warren O. Griffin

Assistant to the Executive Secretary
State Water Quality Control Board
37 Trinity Avenue, S. W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Re: Federal Grant Application
Atlanta, Georgia Airport
Industrial Facility

Dear Mr. Griffin:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of August

28, 1967 in which you advised us of the unavailability

of funds to support a Federal Grant Application referenced
above at this time. While we regret that funds are not
available for this purpose, we would appreciate your
continued review of this matter in the hope that funds may
become available at some early date. If we can do any-
thing further to assist you in this regard, please advise

With reference to your comment regarding State Funds,
Iam sure that you are aware of our interest in this area
and @f our desire to see the State Government play an
active roll in the construction of this type facility. If the
City of Atlanta can assist your agency in any way in mov-
ing the State Government into a financial support field,
please advise.

Very truly yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.


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