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Box 12, Folder 6, Document 29

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July 7 , 19 7
rir . A. Turner :r-~c Do a lcl
Di r ector of Pub lic Hors
165 Ce tral Aven e
At anta, Ge orgia
Dear Turner :
ha ve rec ntly been sent a copy of a ~eno dated June 27,P 1~& 7,
addressed to ycu by :'1r . Al len F . Keipper, County lana3er, 7ith re rcnce
to cap: tali zat ion c onsid~rati on in co trnct neg otiatio ns between t e
City and ti1e. County. In light of ,r. Keipper's cornments D I am
in~uiring into the possibil ity o f reo pe ning ,egotiation s on contrac s
currently out sta n~ing for the operation of the Fulco Water Pollution
Control Plan and the Long Island Creek Pumping Stations .
You ~i l reca 1 that pr elimin3ry negotiations on these contracts
st opped soll!etime .ngo w en the old bug- a-boo of ca pitalization fi · st
reered its head. I hnve atta ched a single copy of the original y proposed
contracts fort ese operations for your consideration. If it appe s
th~t \1e can proceed o a reasonable bas s, I would appreciate any
moiification you might suggest in order to bring these contracts to an
~cceptable f inal form.
o .:is
Yo1rs very truly,
,,1::d,, I:/jj
Asst . Chief of Construction
E.1c losures

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