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July 7, 1967

Mr. A. Turner MeDonald
Director of Public Works
165 Central Avenue
Atlanta, Ceorgia

Dear Turner:

i have recently been sent a copy of a memo dated June 27,,1°67,
addressed to you by Mr. Allen F. Keipper, County Manager, with reference
to capitalization consideration in contract negotiations between the
City and the County. In Light of Mr. Keipper's comments, I am
incuiring into the possibility of reopening aegotiations on contracts
currently outstancing for the operation of the Fulco Water Pollution
Contrel Plant and the Long Island Creek Pumping Stations.

You will recall that preliminary negotiations on these contracts
was stopped sometime ago when the old bug-a-boo of capitalization first
reared its head, I have attached a single copy of the originally proposed
contracts for these operations for your consideration. If it appears
that ve can proceed on a reasonable bases, I would appreciate any
modification you might suggest in order to bring these contracts to an
acceptable final form.

Yours very truly,


Robert I. Morriss
Asst. Chief of Construction

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