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ATLAN TA. GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
R. EARL LANDERS, Admin istrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Execu tive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison
August 17, 1967
Carl Sutherland
Dan Sweat t , ·_
Model Citi e s Personne l Requirements
-.../, r-,
This is to request that some advance consideration be given to the
problem of r e cruiting well qualified perso nne l to administe r the
City's Mod e l City Prog ram if and when such prog r am is funded by the
Fede ra l De par t me nt of Hous ing and Urba n Developme nt, As you know,
an applic a t i on for s uch a g r ant wa s prepa r ed in the ea rly par t o f the
year by the City Pl anning Depa rtment with a ss ista nc e from s eve r a l
other city de partme nts an d outside age nci e s and submitted to HUD
in February. We have been expecting to r e c e ive notific a tion of
approva l of our grant since the end of J une , howeve r, wi th the De t r oit
riots, e tc . th e dat e on which these gr ants will be announce d is very
difficult to predic t . The l a te s t word I have from so urc es in Wash i ng t o n
is tha t t he announcemen t o f thes e g r ant s may c ome ~i thin th e next t wo .
weeks. I am reasonably confide nt that Atlanta will be among the first
fe w cities to rec e ive such~ grant.
The pl ann ing period a llowed by HUD unde r the Mode l Cities Prog r am
is l imi t ed t o one year . I n other words , t he pl an for this t r eme ndous
p r ogram must b e compl e ted within one year from t he t i me the grant is
awarded or a t least frorn· t he time t he actua l f unds a r e received.
All of th is i s to point out the di ff iculty with wh i ch we a re f a c ed . We
mu s t s e cur e a staff o f competent pianners and admi ni s trators a t what
amounts to a mome nt s notice, ye t we can ' t be sure wh en that moment wil l
come. It s eems clear , howeve r , that t he on l y way we c an b e prepared to
move into this pro gr am within a reasonable iime after the grant is
Page 2
August 1 7 , 196 7
announced is to have the personnel which will be required to fill
the top few positions in this program already recruited, or at l~ast
have a number of people who are qualified and interested in filling
these positions. Based on the difficulty that the Planning Department
experienced in fillin g their five new high-level planning positions;
I am convinced that we must start an intensive recruitment campaign
immediately. I recognize, hm-1 ever, that there are certain legal steps
that must be takep before any positions can be actually filled, namely,
the approval of such positions and the salaries by the Personnel Board
and the Board of Alderme n and the appropriation of sufficient funds by
the Board of Aldermen to cover the se salaries, In spite of the fact
. that these steps cannot be taken prior to the awarding of the grant funds
we should be able to begip an informal recruitment effort immediately.
In order to fill their fiye positions the Planning Department had to
resort to a nation wide advertising campaign and, in addition, had to pay
the transportation costs of bringing applicants to Atlanta for a personal
interview. · This type of effort may very well be necessary in this
Model Cities Program.
I have attached a listing of proposed positions, showing proposed monthly
salary rates and duration of employme nt, which was used in preparing our
application for grant funds. The positions which should be given top priority
for recruitment are the first four positions listed, I have also attached
a copy of the job description for the Project Director which was prepared
by personnel of your department. In addition, I have enclosed several
resume s which I have received since this application was submitted. I
understand that the Planning Department may also have a list of applicants
which might be qualified for one of these positions.
I would suggest that all of these Model City positions be included within
the classified service under the Civil Service laws of the City. Since the
project staff will be attached to the Mayor's office, the Mayor would act
as the appointing authority. His selections would be based upon the
recommendations of a selection team comprised of Earl Landers, Administrative
Assistant to the Mayor, Dan Sweat, Director of Governmental Liaison and
Collier Gladin, Planning Director, In accordance with the Civil Service
. laws this s e lection team would recommend from the top three candid·a tes on a
register established by the Personnel Department.
Again , I wish to point out the urgency of this situation and to urge that
some action be t ak e n i mm~di a tely to line up personne l for these positions . ·
This office is available to assist your department in implementation of
this request if you so desire .
DS/j p

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