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May 31, 1965


Mr. Jack Delius, Director
City Parks Department
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Delius:

The County is planning to expand the Adamsville Health Center in order to
meet the urgent needs of this growing community, but the presence of the
City Recreation Center attached to the existing health center building makes
it somewhat difficult to plan an adequate and efficient addition. The County
is also concerned about the effect this recreation center will have on park-
ing facilities and future expansions which will undoubtedly be necessary.

On the other hand, I gather from conversations with you and your staff that
you find the recreation building and the situation in which you have to use it
far from ideal, and that the City too realizes the pressing need for better
recreational facilities for this area.

In view of our mutual dissatisfaction with the present arrangements and our

need to plan better for the future, the County would be interested in consider-
ing a proposal from you under which the City would give up the recreation center
in return for some other property or consideration which you might find more
useful, We have in mind that while youmight not be able to relinquish use of
this building immediately, we ‘could work out some arrangement whereby the County
could secure clear title for the recreation building now in order to facilitate
the approval of a Federal grant for expanding the health center.

I regret that we cannot be more specific, but we obviously do not know your
needs, and I am sure you and your staff could come up with a much better pro- -
posed exchange than we could.

The pleasant relationships and close cooperation we have enjoyed with your De-
partment in the past leads me to believe that we can work out some agreement
which will be advantagoous to both the City and County.

‘Yours very ‘truly,

ee ae,
. * dbs lu. ae Vv

John W. Lemon


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