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P. O. BOX 10753

He That Hath An far, Let Him Heart!

iw Chniadt
The (ommnity Relations (omnisaion ( CK ) of Atlanta, has been created by Mayor

Uen and all the Bound of Alderman, This comnisaion has been created supposedly for the

upose of promoting better nace relations and better understanding between the citizens

f Atlanta, however, the excessive power granted to this commission and partiaarly, the

restionable affiliations of some of it's members, causes us to question it's neal purposes

the commission is empowered to hodd hearings and put citizens under oath! They are already

manding that every other house in the Atlanta anea be opened for occupancy by Negroes. /

haze membens of the Community Relations (ommission are knoun members of the Amenican
‘Vi Liberties Unions (ACL) They aret Ina Ediza Faschall, Reve Sam Williams and in,
th, Alexander, Sr Nhs. Paschall has been named as the executive director of this
mittee and will recieve a ackany of $l2, 500.00 per yean, plus expenses, to be payed
, taxed jrom zhe citizens of Atlanta. *

On January 12, 1920, the American (ivi Liberties Union was founded. Anong those
w created the ACLU were itm 2. Foater, fonmen head of the (ommunist tarty Us5S.Ae and
a. (Ligabeth Gurley Flynn, a prominent conmunisd and writen for the ned newspaper, The
kere The ACLU has been the recipient of numerous grants from the Garland Foundation,
ich is the notorious banivoll fon ned front organizations —

Keport 2290, U.S. fiouse of Kepresentatives Special (omnittee to investigate communist
wpaganaa stated;
The Amenican (Avid Liberties linion is closely affiliated with the
mnunist movement in the United States,

A report from the (alifonnia Senate tact-Finding (omnittee on Un-American Activities
mse 92) describes the ACLU in the foLtowing Language:

/he Amenican (ivil Liberties

don may be definately classed as a (ommunisd Front Organizations

fhe ACLU believes that all religious excencises, programs, bible devotions and
ayers should be banned from public schoodsa, (onsequently they were very instrumental
. having prayers in achoods outlawed by the U.S. Supreme Court, whose decision has placed
ia nation on an equal plane with the Soviet Union, uhene the godleas anti-christ reds
wmit no mention of Jesus, our Lond, *
The All! believes that public authorities should not have the right to ban obscene \


oka and bublications from the mails, newstands Aibnanes ‘i MoROL QROUNG. Ine TLLY
Lieves that public achood and college teachens should nox be riquined to sign a apecial
n-(onmunist loyalty oath. The ACLU believes that anyone shoudd have the night to join
e (onmunist fanty and make public speeches in behalf of Communist (auseds |

Vanious groups, auch as the Atlanta (ommunity Relations (omnisasion ane being
tablished throughout the nation by leftist oriented onganizationa, auch as the ACLU
d the National (ouncil of (hunches, These disciples of discord cry out for peace and
fety, disarmament, peace in Viet Nam at any price and integration of the races, etc.
e ministers wnhing with these organizations cry out for peace and brotherly Love, utile
nying the virgin binth and nesunnection of our Lord! They ait at high council with the |
ny deacendents of the Pharisees uho crucified Jesus The decieved and the decievenrs sit
gether and decide how innocent christians are to be govemed, Ihey are indeed Like unto

— x,

- wt :

the Whited Sepulchaes referred to by jesus, which indeed appean beautiful outwardly, but
we within full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness, (iliatthew 23,27)

America ia engaged in fourth dimensional psychological (spiritual) uar-jare with
the communists, who ane mastens at the art of perverse poychodogye Untess (hristian
4nericans soon auaken, 92044 darkness shall engulf this nation ihe, of the United Knans
af America, are doing our very best to infoan the American teople, Uur only weapon is
the awond of truth, We seek your help in exposing this anti-chaist conspinacys ibe are
surely diving in the days of the great apostacy and at tre aaun of the gneat tribulution,
unen the son of pendition, that man (the beast) whose number is 666, stalk be revealed,

Jf some rdansa in the past have been carnal, it is because fonmen Leadens have not
stressed to the membership the extreme importance of a close relationship with (riot.
be assure you that this situation is rapidly being corrected by present klan Leaders
yecause we ane fully awane that in the final analysis in this battle with the forces of
tarkness, the beast can only finally be overcome by the teatimony of christian saints
und dy the Llood of lhe Lamb. because we know these tings, we come zo those of pe who
rave not yet been deluded by the Pies of darkness

fhe yeongia anal National Loay of the Amenicun Legion have passed a resolution asking
for a (Congressional Investigation of the Amenican (Avil Liberties Unions

We feel that the (ommunity Kelations (omnisaion of Atlanta is a tood of the anti-
Arist red-front ACLU and that urile this committee is in existunce, no bible is safe in
uy achood in ritlarta. lo neighborhood is safe from potential bloody race viedance via
foaced housing, below is a copy of a telegaam send to ilayor Ivan Allen and menbens of
the (ity (ouncik from [he United Klunas of rmenica--quote-

. "Anenica is at war in Viet Nam,
lighting Anli-(hristian communists, We demand that an oath be given immediately to al
vembens of The (ommunity Kelations (omnittee, that they are not now, on have even been a
wenber of any group on organization that has been identified as a (ommunist Front by a
legal constituted bodiye “_-unquote

tielp us expose this conspinacy by telling your christian friends to protest to
‘he Loand of Alderman and ask that the (ommunity Kelations (omnission bé abolished for
he beat interest of the State of Seorgia and America. If you desine Literature srowing
the red affiliations of the ALU and the National (ouncil of (hurches, write to address

Amenican soldiers ane fighting and dying in Viet Nan for the preservation of a
nee chaistian America, Jt ia only fain that we here at home ask ourselves uhechen we
ne aiowing our dedication to the wasiip of § jesus by standing up for God and country on
re we dike feter, uho denied our Lord, on judas uno betrayed Him? God, give us men Like

the prophet, Laniel, uno urile facing the jaus of hungry Lions, refused to bow before the

Yours, x A (Arisd'an rinenrioa, |

(alvin Ps (naig
Gaand Lragon

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