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Pleasanwille New York.

December 22, 1967

Dear Mayor Allen:

They're called "New York's Finest," but patrolmen in New
York are paid 50 percent less than carpenters. In Chicago,
electricians earn $1.85 more than the officer on the beat.
Seattle pays cable splicers $375 a month more than patrol-

As Mayor, you are of course acutely aware of the deplorable
financial status of most of the nation's policemen. You
know, too, that low pay is just one of a number of problems
-- public apathy and unrealistically restrictive court de-
cisions are others -- facing the cop on the beat. The
lowered morale that results has contributed to police short-
ages and soaring crime rates.

Now millions of Americans will share your concern and your
knowledge, with publication of a January Reader's Digest
article calling for higher salaries and increased public
support for policemen.

We are enclosing an advance copy of "Our Alarming Police

Shortage"; we'd be happy to send you additional copies on

Sincerely yours,

Vice President

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The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia
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