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Atlanta, Georgia 30303

September 19, 1967

Traffic Engineer

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
206 City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

In answer to your request for information concerning our proposed activities
in the area of the Warren Jackson School, we should like to give you the following

During the past three weeks, members of our staff have discussed this
situation with Mrs. Smart, Principal of the School; Mr. J. Lewis Cook, Safety
Director of the Board of Education; and Lieutenant Forrester, of the Atlanta
Police Department. As a result of these discussions, we have done a substantial
amount of signing in the vicinity of the school. Since the school is located
approximately 1000 feet north of Mount Paran Road, we did not feel that it was
necessary or desirable to reduce the speed limit to 25 MPH from the presently
existing 30 MPH. We have, however, installed signs on Mount Paran Road on each
approach to the school driveway which warn drivers with the message SCHOOL

A recent count of the children walking on Mount Paran Road and entering the
Warren Jackson School at the Mount Paran Road driveway indicates that a relatively
small number of 20 to 30 students are entering the school property at this point.

Although the letter and petitions which accompanied your memorandum to this
department referred only to a request that a police officer be assigned to this
location, we felt that you would like to know what actions we have taken on
requests which have been made directly to us. At the present time, we do not
have plans for additional work in the vicinity of this school.

If you desire any additional information concerning this matter, please feel
free to call on us.

“Earl Re eat Te. ;
Assistant City Traff¥c Engineer


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