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September 18, 1967

Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

We are deeply concerned about the fact that a police officer
has not been assigned to assist the children in crossing Mt. Paran
Road in front of Warren Jackson School,

We have contacted Lt. Pendergrast, who is in charge of the
School Police Division of the Atlanta Police Department, regarding
this matter. He does not feel the necessity of placing a police
woman at Warren Jackson School.

We, as parents, feel that the safety of our children is being
neglected. We can not wait until a child is injured or killed to
prove the need for a police woman. Although Mt. Paran Road is not
a main thoroughfare, it is a heavily traveled road, and because it
is a nerrow, winding road with no sidewalks, it is very hagardous
for young children to cross without supervision,

Many parents have expressed a desire to have their children
walk to and from school but they have not allowed them to walk
because of this lack of supervision,

As residents of the highest tax paying district in the City,
we feel justified in asking the police department to act on our

We need your support in this matter and any help you can give
us will be deeply appreciated, Enclosed are (300) three-hundred

signed petitions, copies of which are being sent to the police

Very truly yours,

Parents, Warren Jackson School

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