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Fulton County, G eorgia
Inter-Office Memorandum
Dat e J·,.·:,,
b.l t, 1 Si
Subject: 'fb;3 Ada1nsville 1-1-..:ult h Center Prop~!"ty
In wit. ymir s uggc::stion .o Wt~ l:.,... t r::orn.i116 2 t t.hc 1 dt,1:,sville l-ieo.lth Center
w.i t.1 Hr o J a c k lii;:;lius , ?~na ·:ur of tl.c i'-:;:;l11;1:t;t1, F2.l"ks re pa;;:·t1;ieHt .11 o-:,he:r. r,;ed;(ffS of his
st~ff o....1d F ·"• l;aul r v ~h City Land ,\ 0 entt :rcaehcd t lto:;; f ollowing r~r;r ee1c:cnt ~,?;m:ding
t 1~ joint tise of thi.~ property g
The Coun ty h·ould a fr-cc h-a.rn::1 .:m devclo_pin~ t hat p1rt of the pr or.,erty
lying ,-est of the back ( tiast } \-'all of t 1 health ccntor l.mildi.r,.g .

\nr p rt of t
10 health c cmter addition extending east--.u.--

of t,w ·
( i.::fwt ) wall of the heo..l~h c.z:nter "1.-/ 0\u .c.l be s o der.ignod as not t o interfere
with access to or the ncl'i!ill t::oe of the recreation c enter building .
'l'hc County wo,11 ·1 have tile ri.; n: t<, 1-~', t. nr:d use th3 · rr:a in th~ rr:ar of
the recrco.tion cc:nt c:i.~ 1·01: 1.u.:ddr,!l' p~:t.T.1,'C·Ses proviclc_g e) That t he City
Would SO t his area f 0~ :rncrea,tio.ial l}Ul'}Kiees \'I 1cn it \ iU.f. not i n 'Se
for par ·ing:; and b) 'fo~t tte e:-:istini !Jaruccuo _r.avilion in t.lis area
be preserved or relocated so t.w.t it cou1d ccntinue to ::ie t scd i.t.-i con~ecti on \vi t.h t he r eci:caticn cen tcK" .
In view of the ex i sting uc . ic·ition of this entir~ po.reel of land to pu -lie flUrJJoscs uutil l~f>9v .:u1d the requi:i:-c1:1ont: that it ~c rededicated
to J.>Ubl ic health purJ:-Oscs if h·e ru·.:: to o tnin St<1.te nnd Federal aid for
the ae.;.dition.o it ,,•a.s agreed t hat no part of t he pro . .rty would be con-..
veye to t 10 City, but that th,is vgrccr.:.e,.1t ~-n mld be · {duced t o n-i tinr•
aml t i~catcd a s a Ccntlcn:cn 9s .;i._;ree;;tent £-at .1or tha.l'l a l egal encU1:1beronce ssubjcct t o the _pprov.:il of both 1).'.}.rtic5'
t ·i 1~ au•·l·
.... \
·, 1·· .. - d I r "cognb..ed tuat \:le do 11ot nave
• ""v
...., to c o~·li';i
-· ·· ......
.cU tnO\.lcYh b<h,!1 dr . De :rn;;) an
~, ··; . •·'
l . understandi n , as satisfactory fro,:i
our rerP>ective governments , \:JC aq e'J,t to 1-ne a .ovi.:
t he vic~:point of cur respective d~pal' tr.:.ents
· c. ""r"tC and ccot•:erative , and ar~ to
t af~
a•1tl ~lr o Ive.._.
were all very Con
. j) h•.1.s
... •
k -out "' a°'raut1:...,. lly acceptable accc111:1c.YJ a_be cour,cncled heartily for their willin°;nest; to wor
\;e are very grateful t o you for cx_r-edi ting tho amicable resolution of t his probl emo
cci Mr. Jack D~lius
HrG Alan F e Kiepper
Hr. Guy tav~s
Hr. HcGeorge

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