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. J,)


33 Gilllier Street 1 S. E.
Atlanta, Georgia
August 11, 1967
i:lemorandum To :
Law Enforcement Officers
\.J . J.
Subject :
Associate of Arts Degree in Police Administration
I-lathias, Coordinator of Police Science,
Georgia State College
1. Many of you have expressed deep concern over the entrance
examinations required by Georgia State College. He have been assured
by our President and Dean of Admissions that t hese tests will be used
more for guidance and counseling than as '·screening out 11 devices.
Therefore , this test should not cause you any unnecessary anxiety or
wor ry .
2. We are in the process of changing our math requirement to
make i t mor e practical and useful to law enforcement officers . We
will no t r equire anyone to take math until this matter has been resol ved .
3 . For anyone who feel s t he need , ren,edi al courses are available in English 1 mat h and readi ng compr ehension . These courses are
of f ered t hrough t he School of Special Studi es.
4. We have received special per mission to accept application
for this program beyond the stated August 9 deadline. Applications
must be received by August 20 for those persons who must take the
College Entrance Examination Board test (new students and transfer
students with less than 30 quarter hours of trans ferable credit).
The deadline for transfer students with 30 or more quarter hours of
transferable credit must subm:f.t their applications no later than
September 11. However, everyone is urged to submit their applications
at the earliest possible time to avoid any delay in processing.

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