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//32. 7: 56 A . M.
May 21..i,
Merr ill Ave . and Oakland Dro
C. F. 11 . Victim, pedestr ~an was struck by vehicle t raveling s outh on
Oakland Dro
June ?.> 1967


2: 55 P.M.
Fa irburn Rd. and Sewe ll Rd.
C. M. 17,
C. M. 18.
Victims , passengers in vehicle Hhich l eft roadway and struck tree .
Victims thrown from vehicle.
IIJ6Ml 37
J: 55 P.H.
and Rail Hoad Bdge.
W. F. 15.
Victims, dr iver and passe nge r of vehicle which crossed fr om one
side of road to other , the n str uck bi·idge abutment.
1138 z !/L o.
11: 07 P.M.
899 ~ . Rock Spr i ngs Road.
W. M .J O.
W. F. 81.
Victim, driv er of vehicle #1 which str uck vehicle #2, hea d on o
Vi cti m, passenre r i n vehicle #2 D.O.A .
June 2:;;, 1967
2 : 58P. M.
2176 Bankhea d Hvry .
W. F. 72. Victim, dr iver of vehicle , cr ossed ce nter line and struc k
vehicle #2 hea d on o
II l, J.. 11 : OOP •~-1.
June 20, 1967
1145 Pea cht r ee St . N.E.
W. M. 5J.
Victim, pedes t ria n,
Peachtree St .
struck b y vehicl e
t rave ling north on
7 :J0 A. H.
July 7, 1967
500 Ponce de Leon Ave.
W. F. 66.
Victim, pede str ian, walking on sidewa lk wa s struck by vehicle
whick l ef t r oadway.
//LJ. 5 :30
P .M.
July 9, 1967
3200 block Collier Dr ~~ N.W.,
C. M.6.
Victim, passe ne;e r in ve hi cle trave l ing
by vehicle tr ave ling east on Colli er Dro
i1es L
which wa s struck

LL. 12:15P.H.

1532 McPherson Ave .,S.E.
W.F. # .
Vict im, pedestri an, wh o ran in fron t of vehic l e tra ve ling eas t
on McPherson Ave .
IIL5. 6 : J OA . H.
J uly 19, 1967
76 Whitel1 al l St. S.W.
Victim, pcde strai n who fe ll from cu rb in to s ide of Bus whi ch
was passing .

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