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July 19, 1967

Chief Herbert Jenkins
Atlanta Police Department
175 Decatur Street
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Chief Jenkins:

I have discussed your letter of June 27 regarding the Crime
Prevention Bureau need for six additional station wagons with

the Mayor and Mr. Landers as well as Vice President Humphrey's
office and the Community Relations Service in the Justice Depart-

Hope for financing these station wagons this year seems very
slim although the Community Relations Service is making an
attempt to locate available funds for this purpose.

Mayor Allen, Mr. Landers and I feel that since the summer is
almost two-thirds over and since the City is unable to provide
funding for such a project that we should concentrate on next
summer's program and try to utilize existing vehicles or
facilities wherever possible. It was suggested that maybe

the pickup trucks which you have could be used in a pinch.

It was also pointed out that many private groups are looking
for projects and the supply of station wagons for the Crime
Prevention Bureau during the summer period when school is
out might be a good project for certain groups around town.

I would like to suggest that we work on this angle for development
of our next summer program which we hope to get into immediately.

Chief Jenkins
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July 19, 1967

I would certainly like to work with Captain Redding or any
other designated official from your department in attempting
to develop such a program for next summer.

I will let you know if I get any hopeful information from the
Community Relations Service or any other group so far as
the immediate need is concerned,

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat
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