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July 19, 1967
Chief Herbert Jenkins
Atlant a Police Department
175 De catur Street
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Chief Jenkins :
I have d i s cussed your letter of June 27 regarding the Crime
P revention Bureau need for six additional station wagons w ith
the Mayor and Mr . Landers as well as Vice P resident Humphrey ' s
office and the C ommunity Relations Se rvice in the Justice Depart•
ment .
Hope for f i nancing these s tation wagons this year eems very
Um alt hough the Community Relations Se rvice is making an
attempt to locate available funds for this purpose .
Mayor Allen, M r. Land rs and I feel th t since the summer is
almost two .. third over nd ince th City is unable to provide
funding for such project th t we should c one ntrate on n xt
ummer' progr m nd try to utilize ex;isting vehicle or
faciliti s wher v 1" possibl • It was sugg _sted that m yb
th pickup truck which you hav could be us d in pinch.
It wa
l so point d out th t many priv t group
r looking
for project and the supply of s~tion w gon for the Crime
Pr v ntion Bureau during th summer period wh n chool i
out might b
good project £or certain group
round town.
I would Uk to uggest th t w work on this ngle foi: d v lopment
of our next sum.m. r progr m which we hop to g t into imrn dia.tely.
�Chief J enk.ins
Page Two
July 19, 1967
I would c ertainly like to work with Captain Re dding or any
other designated official from your department in attempting
to develop such a program for next summer.
I will 1 t you know if I get any hopeful information from the
C ommunity Rela tions Service or any other group so far as
the immediate need is concerned.
S incer ly yours,
Dan Sw · at
DS :fy
c c : Mr . Earl Lande r s ' /

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