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On June 25, 1967 at 7:30pm, this dete, a meeting was held in the
conference room of the Chief's office. In attendance was Chief
H.T. Jenkins, Lieutenants Dixon, Shattles and Wright; Reverands
J.B. Boone, J.C. Ward, Robert Robinson, M.L. King Sr., others
were Maicolm J. Dean, of the Atlanta University, Fred ©. Burnette
of the SCLC, W.%. Miller, Robert Lee Baynes, Hercourt Klinefelter,
W. Harris Jr., T.lL. Smith, Ssberry Fields and Attorney Hollowell.

The meeting began with Rev. Boone requesting that the following be
looked intos
1. That police brutality and discourteousness be ended
2. That a minimum of 50 Negroes be hired to the department
3. Theat an up-greding of policemen be brought into being
(Negro policeman)
yu. That Negroes be included in the interviewing staff
5. That the police department be integrated
6. That both Negro and White men be sent to the Athens
police academy
7. That a panel be selected to determine the fitness of
an applicant
8. That trained men be placed on a riot squad

Rev Boone stated that he represented the concerned citizens of
Atlanta and felt that he thought the officers should be more
diciplined and also felt that there was a lack of restraint on their
part. He stated if something was done about police brutality, no
riots would ensue,

Rev Ward made comments on this and raised a question of what would
be done if it was known that a group of officers had brutally beat
and threatened a person. The chief stated that if he found out of
such, the officer would be released from the force immediately.

Attorney Hollowell pointed out that only qualified men should be
appointed to serve on the police department. te wanted to know the
training and the qualifications of an officer, which he was told by
the Chief,

Rev Ward again spoke on why one white officer and one colored officer
eotin't ride in the car together, The Chief stated he was not against
such an idea and that it was happening everyday.

The Rev. M.L. King Sr. spoke at this time stating that he had
very seldom saw any Negro policemen riding a 3-wheel motorcycle.
He stated that the Negro people wanted to see tuis and would not
stop until they did.

At this point, a discussion was lead by Rev. Ward. The whole
conversation was cantered around integration of the police depart-
ment. The Chief stated he would look into the matter, and for them
to send him a copy of the 8 points.

The meeting was drawn to a close at 10PM.


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