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26, 1967
The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,
J ~tober 26, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #4, City Hall, with the following
!•. '-· ;i, be rs present:
Joseph S. Perrin, Chairman
Paul Muldawer, Vice-Chairman
Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst, Secretary
W, . L. Calloway
Samuel!. Cooper
Franklin M. Garrett
Mrs. Edith Henderson
H. King McCain
J. Ben Moore
Guest present:
Eric Harkness - Planning Dept.
Minutes of the October 12 meeting were corrected as follow:
(Page 3)
"Mr. Garrett was requested to draft a
resolution requesting the Board of Aldermen to
consider an ordinance designating the Terminus
area as an historic site."
Bridge Ordir1:~n~
The chairman presented for approval a letter to the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen concerning the proposed Bridge Ordinance. The letter was approved
for mailing, along with an editorial dea1ing with the bridge o·rdin a nce which
was published in the Atlanta Constitution on October 23, and presented by
Mrs. Ferst .
1!":mbers hip
... ' . Perrin presented a letter dated October 24 1 from the North Georgia
C~ n pte r, American Institute of Arc hitects, nominating Mr . Fred Bainbridge
of the firm of Martin & Bainbridg~, to serve on the Commission. This l r~ '
i s the result of Mr . Mul dawer contacting AIA re nomination for ACDC member ship, as requested at th e last meeting~ Mrs. Henderson's motion to accept
AIA ' s nomination of Mr . Bainbridge was app~oved.
The following recommendati ons of the Com:n ission to Mayor ·Allen were approved:
Dr. Arthur G. Hansen (to replace Mr . Joseph B. Browder)
Engineering Category
3 year term
Mr. Fred Bainbridge (t o replace Mr. John Portman, who is recommended as the
first member of a proposed special resources and advis ory ~ nm~'A
toe to tha Commission)
Architecture Category
3 year term
Reappointments (for 3 year terms) of the follow i ng:
W. L. Calloway
Lay Citizen)
Julian Harris
(Painting & Sculpture)
H. King McCain
(Eng ireering)
Ad~i!!__o:y__c_ommi tt.:~
Mrs. Ferst initiated a discussion during which several members concurred
in the view that Mr. John Portman was an invaluable resour~e for the
Commission and that though professional commitments prevented his regular
att e ndance, he perhaps would agree to serve on a special resources and
advisory committee to the Commission. Thereby, the chairman appointed the
following committee to discuss the feasibility of the appointment of oth e r
adn~-or:r · -eommittee members to assist in special projects of the Commission:
Mr~ McCain, chairman
Mrs. Ferst
Mr. Garrett
Mr. Huldawer
This committee was requested to present a report at the December
As the result of the Commission requesting an easel, to be used for the
presentation of plans, Mr. Perrin reported that Mrs. Price in the Uayor's
Offic e will proc es s the order for sam e upon r e ceipt of specifications and
source of supply. r/1.r. 1~uldawer will forward requested information to the
offic e .
Mr. Muld awe r gave a br ief summary of the me etin g which he and s evera l oth e r
members of th e Commission atte nd e d on Oc tobe r 17 wi th Ce ntral Atlanta
Progr e ss, Inc,
A joint City/CAP planning team is tr y in g to develope a
Cen tr a l Atlanta Acti on Progr am, and the ACDC was asked fo r their su gg estions
an d co mmen ts on c e rta in pha s es o f the pro g ram.
Mr s . Fe rst pres e nte d a newspaper c li pp i ng from the New York Times, Concerni n g a des i g n c ommi ttee a ppointed by t he Ma yo r of New York , whieh is s i mi l ar
t o the ACDC . Add it i onal eopies of th e article are be ing prepare d.
CO}·ftfi l TTEF. REP OR TS :
~ i gn Re vie!
Mr . Muldawer submitted a rep o rt on the proposed . Turnke y Public Housing
De ve l o pment a t Hollywo od Road, a s r eviewed b y th e Commission at a p reviou s
mee t ing. This r ep o r t wi ll b e f orwar ded t o Mr . Matthe w Bystry , de ve l op er ,
who sub mitted t he pro j ec t f or review.
Mr. Muldawer also presen t ed a copy of proposed Design Cri t e r ia for V~ltipl e Dwelling Housing Proje cts, a s de vel ope d by Messr s , Eric Harkness and
Muldawer. Copies of the cri t eria will b e mailed to members for review.
�- 3 -
"Terminus 11
As requested at the last Acne meeting, Mr, Garrett presented a proposed
resolution requesting the Board of Aldermen to consider an ordinance
designating the Terminus area as an historic site. The resolution was
unanimously adopted and will be forwarded to Alderman Rodney Cook,
Mr. Garrett asked if the Terminus property owners had yet been sent letters
inviting them to meet with the Commission, as requested at a previous
meeting. The chairman replied that the list of property owners had only
that day been received from Mr. Herb Reese of Adams Cates Company. Mr.
Perrin proposed that the property owners be invited to the December- 14
meeting of the ACDC, at which time the Commission will request the use of
the Alde rma ni c Chamber.
It was suggested that along with the Terminus property owners, Alderman
Rodney Cook, Vice- Mayor Sam Masse 11, and three members of the Chamber of
Commerce be invited to this particular meeting. Mrs. Ferst was requested
to be thinking about how the information should be presented. The Commission
hopes to finalize plans at the next meeting.
Mrs. Ferst presented a written report, consisting of the following accomplishme nts or recommendations:
Completion of double postcard mailing to verify mailing l ist of over
100 names.
Co mpila tion of material for ACDC brochure.
Arrange for secretary to compile l ist of ACD C accomplishments.
Pl an f or mat for a regular a nnu al report.
Request appointment of dinner committee to plan orientation meeting.
The following committee sugges ted: Mayor Allen, chairman; John
Portman, co-chairman; Ann Butler, member.
A luncheon meeting comprised of ACDC and various designated persons to
plan the proposed dinner meeting .
This report was accepted with commendation , and authorization given to move
forward with plans as stated in t~e report.
Mr. Calloway inquired about the "Ugly Triangle II project, and the chairman
requested Committee #7 to report on this at the next meeting. Mr. Eric
Harkness will also check into this matter and report back to the Commission.
Mr. Moore, who was foreman of the Fulton County Grand Jury in July and August,
reported that the Grand Jury had forwarded the follo wing recommendations
to the City of Atlanta:
That receptacles be placed in downtown Atlanta with placards;
Passage of the tree ordinance;
Require trucks hauling garbage and trash to be covered;
Require cement trucks to remove the cement they dump on streets.
Mr. Perrin suggested that the Sanitary Committee move forward to support
these recommendations.

There being no further busine ss , th e meeting was adjourned at 4 :00
Ann Butler
Reco.rding Se~ret.ary

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