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APRIL 27, 1967
The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,

April 27, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #4, City Hall, with the following

members present:

Joseph S. Perrin, chairman James H. Dodd
Joseph B. Browder Franklin M. Garrett
W. L. Calloway John C. Gould
Samuel I. Cooper H. King McCain

Guests present:
Mr. Don Ingram - Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.
Mrs. Charles T. Owen - League of Women Voters of Atlanta/Fulton
Mr. Eric Harkness - City Planning Department

Vinutes of the April 13 meeting were approved,


The chairman reported that he and Messrs. Cooper and Muldawer had met
with Mayor Allen concerning ACDC review of housing projects in Atlanta. He
stated that the Mayor was receptive to the idea, and had written to the
Atlanta Housing Authority recommending same.

Mr. Perrin also reported that by agreement of members he had contacted
Mr. Reese Cleghorn and asked him about an editorial in the Atlanta Journal
dealing with the need for a long-range plan for the government center. Mr.
Cleghorn has agreed to do so, and information has been forwarded to him.

He added that he hopes to see the article in the paper soon,

Mr. Perrin stated that ACDC action was considered helpful in defeating

plans for a proposed service station on a small strip of property adjacent

to the South Expressway at Cleveland Avenue, and that the Commission should

move forward to establish a general policy dealing with strip development.
He will check withthe Planning Department to determine what action should
now be taken, and report back to the Commission at the next meeting.

The chairman reported on the following correspondence:

Letter of 4/13 from the Department of the City Clerk, stating that
the Board of Aldermen had confirmed the appointment of Mr. Joseph B.
Browder as a member of ACDC to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Orbie
Bostick, who has resigned,

Letter of 4/13 to Mr. M. B,. Satterfield, Executive Director of the
Atlanta Housing Authority, inviting AHA, and the developer and architects
of the housing project at Harw:11 Road and Skipper Drive to submit this
proposal to ACDC for review and suggestions at the April 27 meeting.

A reply has not been received to date,

Memo dated 4/18 to members of the Commission urging better attendance
at meetings.

Correspondence dated 4/19 to Mr. Les Persells, AHA, from the Architect-
ural Review Committee, commenting on the Rockdale Urban Renewal Project.
This report is available to members for comment.

Letter of 4/20 to Mr. Samuel I. Cooper, expressing the appreciation and
commendation of the members for his outstanding leadership as chairman
of the Commission during its first year of existence,

Letter of 4/20 to Mr. Tulio Petrucci, Atlanta School of Art, stating
that the ACDC has decided against presenting a city show for the Atlanta
Arts Festival in May, but that it hopes to have the opportunity to try
to properly finance and design a show for next year,

Letter of 4/20 to Mr. Robert F. Lyle, re draft of proposed ordinance
on the percentage for the allied arts.

Letter of 4/20 to Bull & Kenney Architects, commending them for design
of alterations and additions to Fulton High School, as reviewed by the
Commission on 4/13.

Correspondence dated 4/20 to Toombs, Amisano & Wells re "Downtown
Project" at Spring and Techwood Viaduct, as reviewed by ACDC on h/13.

Letter of 4/27 to Mr. Andrew E, Steiner congratulating him on his appoint-
ment as a member of the Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Region [IIT
Advisory Committee on Design and Planning.

Copy of letter of 4/27 from Mayor Allen to Mr, Edwin L, Sterne, chairman
of the Atlanta Housing Authority, recommending that all housing projects
be cleared through normal channels with the ACTC.


Mr. Don Ingram, Associate Director of Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.,
was welcomed to the meeting. Mr. Ingram stated that the purpose of his
organization is to help guide and coordinate any central planning in the
core of Atlanta. He added that he was present today to let ACDC know of
CAP's interests, and that many of its objectives and purposes are the same
as ACDC.

At Mr. Perrin's request, Mr. Cooper related to Mr. Ingram the developments
to date toward the acquisition of a scale model of Atlanta, Mr. Perrin stated
that if this project can get started, ACDC would certainly solicit the sup-
port of CAP.

Mr. Gould, who was on the review committee for the Rockdale Urban
Renewal Project, gave more information on the report of the review, and
explained how the committee rated certain factors of the proposals. Mr.
Perrin thanked him and other members of the committee for the job and the
precedent they set in treating future jobs.

Mr. Calloway brought up the matter of f contest or downtown park in
Atlanta, specifically on the property near the Marriott Motor Hotel, bounded
by Courtland, Cain, Ivy and Ellis Streets. He added that since this was
discussed by the Commission some months ago, the cost of the property had
undoubtedly risen, and that in a few months it will probably cost much more,
and he feels the property will become prohibitive in cost. It was brought
out that this is the project that Mr. Morton Rolleston had expressed interest

in when he met with the Commission on May 5, 1966.

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Mrs. Owen, who is the Publie Relations and Publicity Chairman for the
League of Women Voters of Atlanta/Fulton County, was introduced to the members,
She distributed copies of "FACTS", published by the League, and reviewed
certain passages therein. Mrs. Owen stated that the League has in mind for
the Arts Festival this year a presentation pertaining to a tree ordinance,

which might be of interest to the Commission, Mr. Perrin concurred that ACNC

is interested in supporting a tree ordinance that is substantial and will

join with the League in trying to promote same. Mrs. Owen discussed the
League's ideas for the presentation and upon her request, various suggestions
and comments were offered by the members,

Concerning the "underground" development, Mr. Garrett, new chairman
of the "Terminus" Committee, stated he has looked over this area, and has
summarized in his mind what is down there. Mr. Perrin stated he feels this
development has great potential, as it could preserve a historical part of
the city, enhance that particular section, and at the same time provide
income for private investors. Mr. Ingram remarked that this project is one
of the things his organization is specifically interested in.

Mr. Browder stated that he feels some opposition will be met, as many
property owners are using the property as warehouses and for egress and ingress;
however it is the general eonsensus of members that property owners in
this area will become aware of the tremendous amount of revenue this project
can render,


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary

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