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pril 20 , 1967
Mr. S muel I. Coop r, F , A. I . A.
501 Henry Grady Bui ldin g
Atlan ta, 0 orgia 30303
De r
S m:
Each ember of the Atlanta Civic Desien Commissi on joins
with me in expr ssing to you our eincer and genuine
appreciation for the outstanding 1 der~hip and dir ction
that you gave to our gr oup during it fir t y ar of exist nee . Your outstanding s rvic and devotion, together
with your perception of purpos , c rtainly h s
tablish d
a preeed nt tow rd
ehi v m nt that will continue to b
f l t in th y ar
head. Thi lead r hip I m sur
continue to b felt not only by th1 prec dsnt , but by your
continuing pa rticipation nd influeno
in the aff irs of
the Commission .
ber of the Commission ould not only
I know th t
want me to
th e sentim nt on an offic1:.l basis,
but t hat thy sh
y f eling that having th opportunity
to work with you
nd rewarding exp ri nc on th
per on.l 1 v 1 a
Your r port recently ub itt d to
th Co 1
ion covering th !unction of the Com is ion
F bruary, 1966, to March, 1967, i
a ple t
ti ony of
th qual1t7 of leader hip which yo u gav to our city in the
capacity of Co
ion c ha ir an.
�! r. S muel I. Coop r
Page 2
pr il 20, 196 7
On the more personal side, please ccept my th nks for
all th~t you have done s o f r this y ar to giv g uidance
and assistance to me in my new role on the Commission.
I extend to yo u the hope that th ye rahed will b
filltl d with the richest of blessings.
Cordially yours,
Jos ph s . Perrin
JSP: .ab
cc May or Iv n Al n, Jr. /
oc Vic - yor Sam Mas ell,

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