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March 23, 1967

Hon. W, A, Mathis, Chairman - fy

Mayors Committee for Revitalizing LA . |
Downtown Athens f{¥ Vv, &'
Mathis Construction Company M p

P. O. Box 1707
Athens, Georgia

Dear Bill:

Thank you for your most generous remarks about our Atlanta Civic
Design Commission and for your comments about my efforts here in
Atlanta, We are proud of the Commission and the work they are

doing to help the city in coordinating our planning and architectural
development. The Commission's powers are largely those of persuasion,
We believe this is the soundest way to achieve meaningful goals in the
growth of our city.

I am including with this note a copy of the ordinance creating the
Commission. It outlines in detail the duties and responsibilities.

of this body. I believe this will tell you what you want to know about
the Commission, but I am sure that you would be most welcome if you
would care to attend a meeting of the Commission. It meets on every
second and fourth Thursday at 2 p.m., in Committee Room # here in

City Hall. You might wish to drop its chairman, Joe Perrin, a note.

He certainly cmld give you further details about what their current
activities are.

Best wishes for continuation of your outstanding efforts in our
sister city of Athens.


Ivan Allen, dr,


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