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JANUARY 12, 1967

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,

January 12, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #4, City Hall, with the following

members present:

Sam'i Inman Cooper, Chairman H. King McCain
Joseph S. Perrin, Vice-Chairman J. Ben Moore
Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst, Sccretary Paul Muldawer

Harry J. Baldwin

Guest present:

Eric Harkness, City Planning Department

Minutes of the December 8 meeting were approved,


Chairman Cooper reportcd that the following lctters have been received

or written by the Commission:



Letter of Dec. 15 to Mayor Allen stating ACDC support to the Mayor's
Housing Program, and the Mayor's reply thereto.

Letter of Dec. 15 to Robert W. Bivens, Executive Director, Central
Atlanta Progress, thanking him for me ting with ACDC on Dec. 8,

A copy of the ACDC lctter to the Board of Aldermen requesting funds
for initiating of model of downtown Atlanta was forwarded to Mr,
Bivens, so that CAP can consider collaborating with ACIC on this

Letter of Dec. 21 from ¥, L, Calloway, describing improvements made
on the Atlanta Transit Company parking lot,

Letter of Dec, 22 to Robert Sommerville, President of Atlanta Transit,
stating ACDC commendation for treatment of property described in
Calloway letter, and Mr. Sommerville's reply thereto.

Letter of Dec. 22 to Alderman Rodney M. Cook re report of "Community
Improvement Program," and Alderman Cook's reply thereto.

Letter of Dec. 22 to ‘iayor Allen re preservation of "historical
sites and structures! ,

7. Letter of Jan, 5 to Architectural Models, Inc., re their proposal
for the construction of a scale model of Atlanta business district.

8. Letter of Jan. 5 to Wm. “, Eichbaum re proposal for construction of
scale model of Atlanta business district.

9. Letter of Jan. 10 to various city departments, architects, news
media, etc., requesting that plans for architectural revicw by the
Commission be submitted in their preliminary stages, as per amendment
to ordinance approved 12/7/66.

The Chairman also reported that he attended the mecting of the Finance
Committee of the Board of Aldermen on January 6, at which time ACDC's

request for $1000 was considered. A decision was not rendered at that time..


Mr, Baldwin reported he had contacted Mr. Pilcher of the City
Attorney's Office, as requested at the last meeting, re preservation of
"historic sites and structures", Mr. Pilcher feels that procedures sug-
gested whereby City has first option to buy, in case the property is either
offered for sale, or is approved for demolition, are good possibilities
for preserving these sites. He further suggested the following steps be

1. ACDC agree what sites and/or structures are of "historical signifi-
cance", and make a declaration of same to be presentcd to the Board
of Aldermen;

2. Check with the Parks Department re management;

3. See Land Department for information re acquiring property;

h. See Mr. Jake Buchannon of the Housing Code to see if the minimum
housing requirements are met.

It was suggested that Mr. Pilcher be invited to meet with ACDC

on January 26 to discuss this matter,


Appointments to Commission

Members present discussed the possibility of amending the ordinance
creating the ACDC, whereby re-appointments to the Commission could be
made. The Chairman was requested to contact Sam Massell to see if this

request could be presented to the Board of Aldermen on January 16.

Chairman Cooper further urged a good attendance at the next meeting,
so that requests and/or recommendations for appointments to the Commission

can be discussed,

RE Trash
Commission discussed the trash problem in the downtown area. Mr.
Perrin feels that an aesthetic committee is needed to come up with ideas

on trash receptacles, or perhaps to suggest some alternative, thereby making

it easy for action to be taken.

Mr. Perrin moved that the chairman appoint a 3-man committee to
come up with concrete suggestions for this problem for ACPC approval, and
if feasible, to be forwarded to the Sanitary Department, with a copy of
same to the Planning Department. With the concurrence of the Commission,
this action will be postponed until the new Commission members and officers

are elected.

RE City Showing at Arts Festival

The following motion, made by Mr. Perrin, was passed:
"That the Commission authorize, Mr. Perrin and Mrs. Ferst to approach the

Poard of the Atlanta Arts Festival with the idea of a city showing, to be

= ‘bids

prepared by the Commission, to tell the story of the design problems

that ACDC recognizes,"

It was suggested that if the Arts Board approves the idea, the Mayor
should be contacted for his ideas and then see the Planning Department to

set goals for the show,

Harkness Presentation

Mr. Eric Harkness reviewed the recommendations made in the "Community
Improvement Program" booklet. A copy of the booklet was distributed to
members present, with the Chairman's request that they read it and give

their reactions to same at the next meeting.

Mr. Harkness and members concurred that for these CIP recommendations
and ACDC's program to be more effective, the public should be better

informed of the problems and achievements,


Mr. Perrin read the report of the committee recommending a proposed
ordinance be prepared for presentation to the Board of Aldermen providing
for a certain percentage of the total project cost for the allied arts.
This report was approved by the members present, and Chairman Cooper
requested Mr. Perrin'ts committee to draft such an ordinance to be presented

to the Board of Aldermen,


The following preliminary plans were reviewed;

Benteen Park
Cleveland Avenue Park
Empire Bivd. Park
Harper Park

Shady Valley Park

=) ¢tx

Mr. Muldawer reported that he, as chairman of the architectural
review committee, had previously reviewed these plans, and read to the mem-
bers his letter to Mr, Jack Delius, General Manager of the Parks Department,
expressing his opinion of the plans. Mr, Muldawer suggested that Mr,
Delius or his representative be invited to a meeting to establish a design
criteria for parks,

A letter,as dictated by Mr. Perrin, inviting Mr. Delius or his
representative to the January 26 meeting, was approved by the members, and

will be forwarded to Mr. Delius,

Mr, Muldawer further requested that as a monthly action, a letter
be sent to the press, stating the number of architectural reviews made

and naming those projects and architects commended by ACDC.


Mrs. Ferst's motion to seek one-hundred dollars (#100) to develope
some form of seal or citation to be given by ACDC to projects of outstanding

merit in the judgement of the Commission, was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:lhO p.m.

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary

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