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suit e 103 / seventy - five eighth street, n.e.
atlanta 9J georgia I
phone trinit y 2-1427




October 24, 1966
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Please accept my apologies for missing the meeting between you and the Atlanta Civic
-Design Commission committee to study the potential of the 11 Atlanta Underground", fo r
which I feel so strongly. I had been looking forward to seeing you and expressing my
ideas on the project, but communication became confused when the original meeting
date was changed.
I believe the restoration and reactivation of this area will help make Atlanta one of the
unique and excit ing urban are a s in the country . It can :
Provide a historic area, which At lanta is lacking .
Philade lphia's Independence Mall gene rates $400 , 000 , 000 a year
Give the city a tou rist a t traction se cond to none .
St. Louis has "Gasligh t Square "
Chi cago has "Old Town "
New O rlea ns has t he "Lat in Quarter"
Los Ange Ie s has "Ports O Ca 11 "
Nash vii le has II Printe r 's A ll e y 11
Provide a n exc iting, a ll- weather e nte rta inment and restaurant c enter fo r loca l
businessmen a s wel I as tourists .
It is convenient to down town, inc lud ing Rich 's, First Nationa l Bank, Georgia
State Col lege , the G overnmenta l Center, the Stadium , and motels in the
But ler Street area .
It will support conven t ion faci lit ies
It can have an unique atmosphere day or nig ht
�Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
October 24, 1966
Page 2
The Underground could be transformed into a place of fantasy and excitement offering a
wide variety and choice of activities. There could be restaurants, saloons, night clubs,
gift shops, gourmet shops, antique shops, one-of-a-kind shops, studios, galleries and
sma II theatres. There cou Id be a complete restoration of the Victorian store fronts and
interiors, horsedrawn surries, gas Iights, cobblestone streets, pol icemen in old-time costumes, an old-time steam engine on the tracks could be used as a restaurant, and more .
The city can assist in:
supporting the idea,
taking action to declare this area a historic area, thus controlling design,
including the area as part of the city beautification program and possible
urban renewal program.
The city could provide public improvements in order to spark private enterprise to do the
. bulk of the development.
After Reece Cleghorn's editorial was published, we received a rash of calls and letters,
including individuals who wanted to invest in this project. Enclosed is some correspondence indicating the interest already gene rated.
We fee l that this project would be good fo r the ci ty fi nancially as well as image wise . It
has g rea t popula r appeal and could be accomplished relatively inexpensively and in a short
pe riod of time .
We hope you will give this idea your full consideration and support.
furthe r assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call .
Si nce re ly,
(J)~ ~
Pa u I Mu ldawer
Chairman, Te rmin us Comm ittee
At lanta Civic Desig n Commission
En cl .
If I can be of any

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