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OCTOBER 13, 1966

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held Thursday,
October 13, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #k, City Hall, with the following
members present:

Sam'l Inman Cooper, Chairman James H, Dodd

Joseph S, Perrin, Vice-Chairman Mrs, Edith Henderson

Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst, Secretary H. King McCain

Harry J. Baldwin J. Ben Moore

W. L, Calloway Paul Muldawer

Minutes of the September 22 meeting were approved,



(1) Read letter dated October 6 to Mayor Allen re Dean Rusk Memorial

(2) Read letter dated October 6 to City department heads re submission
of projects for review in early stages

(3) Read draft of letter to be sent to the Board of Aldermen, pending
approval of the Commission, re amendment to original ordinance.
Mr. Perrin's motion to adopt the letter as written was carried,
Announced that Mr, Ellsworth Doresky, Community Planner for
Housing and Urban Development, will meet with the Commission on
October 27

(S) Reprint of "West End Story" from the Atlanta Magazine was passed
around to members present for their review

(6) Distributed new listing of ACDC's sub-committees


Committee (a)

Mr. Muldawer, chairman, stated that three (3) submissions have been

received, He will review and report at the next Commission meeting.

Committee (b)

Mr. Perrin, chairman, stated he gave a report to the Commission
recently on the Capitol Square Plaza, and has no continued reference,

Committee handling "allocation of percentage of construction costs to
allied art"

ir. Perrin, chairman, reported that the eommittee is in agreement that
an allocation of percentage for art is a good idea, They have done
research and have found many cities which have a percentage for art,
and these cities, with one exception, are in favor of Atlanta having
such a program. He further stated that the committee has not deter-
mined what the percentage will be, but will try to bring a proposal
for percentage in writing to the next meeting.

"Terminus Committee"

Mr. Muldawer, chairman, reported that he and Mr. Perrin had met and
walked through the "old city" area, More letters have been received
supporting this development, including a letter from the Atlanta
Convention Bureau. Mrs. Ferst has arranged for the committee to meet
with Mayor Allen, and also the Art Director and Editor of the Atlanta
Magazine. At Mr. Muldawer's request, Chairman Cooper appointed Mrs,

Ferst to serve on the committee,


In pursuance with the Mayor's request for the Commission to render an
opinion as to an appropriate location for a commemorative for the Honorable
Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, the following suggestions and/or opinions

were offered:

(1) Renaming the Lee Street Elementary Sehool, which Mr. Rusk attended,
and which is being moved to a new location in West End, the "Dean
Rusk School,"
(2) Mr. Perrin suggested that the Capitol Park committee be approached
with the proposal that a memorial in Capitol Park be dedicated to
Mr. Rusk,
(3) Mr. McCain suggested that a permanent sculpture be placed in Piedmont
Park, which is across from Boys High, which Mr. Rusk also attended,
(h) Mr. Baldwin stated he is in sympathy with the suggestion of Mr. Edgar
Schukraft who met with the Commission on September 22 and urged it
to consider a Rusk memorial in the shopping center mall which will
be erected on the old Lee Street School site, Mr. Baldwin feels such
a commemorative would help lift up part of the West End area. He
also feels that renaming the school would accomplish the same thing.
(5) Mr. Moore was requested to approach Mr. Schukraft to see what his
reaction would be if the Commission should recommend renaming the
Lee Street School for Mr, Rusk, rather than a memorial in the shopping

center mall,


Mr. Perrin stated that the City Planning Department is doing a study
of rehabilitation at Piedmont Park, and he proposed the following recom-
mendation to the Planning Department for study:

"That plans for rehabilitating Piedmont Park include appropriate

bandshell or basic stage facilities; as many political rallies, high

school bands, youth concerts, Band of Atlanta concerts, Atlanta Arts

Festival, and other major events are held there which add to the
cultural development of the City."
Chairman Cooper was requested to draft such a letter to Mr. Eric Harkness

of the Planning Department.

Mr. Baldwin stated that Mr. Dan Kay was employed by the City to make
studies of a performing art center in Piedmont Park. This study is owned
by the City and includes beautiful sketches, which should contribute to
future studies. Mrs. Ferst suggested that the Commission seek from Mr.
Harkness further information on this subject, and whether it is proposed

to implement it through the Urban Renewal Program.

Mr. Calloway brought up the matter of the small parcels of land left
throughout the City by the Highway and Urban Renewal Programs. The Commis-
sion discussed the feasibility of the City acquiring these sites for the

*--oloanment of small parks,

An ensuing discussion was held during which members agreed that ACDC
should help instigate proposed developments with which it is concerned,
rather than be informed at a later stage of development. In order to
involve more people concerned about environment, and get. their support
of our program, Mr. Muldawer made the following recommendation, which was

(1) To list the important civic groups, garden clubs, and any appropriate
group concerned;

(2) Invite these people to a meeting and tell what our Commission does;
ask them to appoint a committee in their organization to receive,

discuss and support our program, and get their own proposals;

(3) Continue this type communication with all these groups to establish
a basis for communication,
The following committee was appointed to establish the implementation
program for communication:
Urs. Ferst
Mrs. Henderson, Co-chairman
Mr. Muldawer, Co-chairman

The motion was made and approved to omit the November 2h meeting

of ACDC.

Mr. Baldwin stated that he has noticed maybe 30-50 new buildings
being constructed in the central business district, and is amazed how the
Commission is bypassed and taken so lightly what is supposed to be legal.
He feels that legally AC'C should stop the issuance of building permits
prior to the project being reviewed by the Commission, and that the City
Attorney should be contacted to take such action.

Mr. Cooper stated that he recommended postponement of going to the

City Attorney, but he would see Mr. Wofford, Buiitding Inspector, next

Thursday morning and ask him why and what is happening.

Mr. Muldawer was requested to announce at the next A,I.A, meeting
that the new amendment to the ordinance as requested, will require that
preliminaries be submitted for review by the Commission, in accordance with

the letter mailed in June to all local architectural offices,

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary

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