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SEPTEMBER 22 1 1966
The regular meeting of the Atlanta Ci v i c Design Commission was
held Thursday , September 22 , at 2 p . m., in Commi ttee Room #4 , City Hall ,
with the following members present :
Chairman Sam 1 1 Inman CoopEr, Vice-
Chairman Joseph S. Perrin , Mrs . Alvin M. Ferst _ Secretary; Messrs. Paul
Harry J . Baldwi n _ Julian Harr i s , _James H. Dodd , John C. Gould ,
and Mrs. Edith Henderson .
Guests were :
Messrs . Edgar E . Schukraft and
iri c Harkness .
Minutes of the September 8 meeting were approved .
Cha i rman Cooper read t o the Commi s si on c orrespondence between Mr .
Frank G. Ethri dge and Mayor I van Allen regard i ng a c ommemorat i ve i n Atlanta
t o the Honorable Dean Rusk , Secretary of State .
Mayor Allen referred thi s
matter to ACDC wi th the request that i t render a decis i on as t o a proper
+ocation for the propos e d c ommemor a t i ve .
The Chairman re ad a letter f r om the Ci t iz ens Advi sory Commit t ee f or
Ur ban Renewal rega rd i ng its th i rd quarterly meet i ng , a nd gave a bri e f
'. ..~mary of the meeting of the Urba n Beauti f i ca t ion Pr ogr am which he a tt ended
on Sep tember 15 .
Mr. J ohn Gould , ACDC 1 s of ficia l c on tac t wi th the Pl ann i ng De partment
on the Urban Bea ut i f i cat ion Program
re l ated his meeting with Mr. Eric
~arkness for a progress repor t of the Be a utification Pr ogram .
With the
concurrence of the Commission , Mr , Gould stated he will invite Mr . Ellsworth
Doresky ; Community Planner with the Housing and Urban Development , to meet
with the Commission .
�- 2 -
A report was given by Mr . Muldawer > ehairman of the c ommittee
handl i ng the develo pment of the "old city 11 area under Alabama Street
and hereafter referred to as the
Terminus Committee , 11
He stated that
Mr . Er i c Harkness had f o und no problems that would effect the underground
o pment as far as the Ci t y i s c oncerned .

Mr . Muldawer further stated
that after discussing this propo sed development with Mr . Reese Cleghorn
o f the Atlanta Journal , the latter had written an edit orial on the "underground c i t y 11
which was p ubl is hed i n th e J o urnal on September 21
article was passed ar o und t o members present f or their review .
Mr . Muldawer
stated that he had on th i s date received several telephone calls in favor
of the idea .
Mr . Perr i n s tated tha t h e wo uld like t o see this devel o ped
pr i vate enterpr is e ; i f p ossi ble , and feel s that Mr. J i m Townsend s hould
be pu rsu e d f or s ke tches t o ar o use p ubli c i nt e rest .
Me s srs . Mulda wer and
Perr in wi l l arrange t o mee t with Mess r s . Town s end and Danie l o f the At lan t a
Magazine fo r s a i d ske t c hes ,
In p urs uanc e wi th the Ma yor 1 s reque s t , th e Comm is s ion d is cuss ed
pos s ible l oca t ions f or the Dean Rusk c ommemorati v e.
It was b r o ught o u t
tha t si n c e Mr . Ru s k had a ttend e d the Lee S treet Eleme ntary Schoo l and
Boys High 1 these sites might tie in f or a poss i b l e l ocat ion ,
, e
Ug l y Tr i ang l e" t o Mr . Ru sk was a ls o sugg e s ted .
Ded icating
Th e Cha i rman was re-
qu es t ed t o wr i t e t h e Ma y or on b e h alf o f ACDC f a v or a bl y t o the comme mo rat i v e >
bu t wi t ho u t commi tt ing it s el f to a l o cation at t h e pr esent ti me ,
�- 3 -
The Chairman introduced t o t h~ Commission Mr . Edgar E . S chukraft ;
Chai r ma n o f the Urban Renewal Commit.tee f or t h e West End Project .
Mr .
Schukraft and the Commission rev iewed the devel o pments i n the West End
Renewa l Pr o ject , which was started in 1956 , and a publication dealing
with i t was d is tr ib u ted.
Upon Mr . Sch ukraf ti·s
r e qu es t f or the Commi ssion 1 s
o p i nions ; it was sugge sted t hat the development o f a design criteria
would be a good i dea f or West End .
ACDC feel s that there could be improve-
ments made gener al l y that would have a t o tal effect over the area ; rather
than block after bl ock o f rehab i l itation .
In regard to the Rusk c ommemor ativ e , Mr . Schukra ft stated that
the Lee Str e et El ementar y S choo l is being moved to a new locat ion : and a
shopp i ng center wi ll be e rected on the o ld scho ol site
He urged the
Commission to consider the shopping cent e r mall f or the locati on o f t he
mem or ia l .
On behalf o f ACDC , the Chai rman tha nked Mr. S chukraft f or h is
appe aranc e before the Commission .
Mr . Eric Harkness was welcomed t o the meeting .
At this point ) the Commission discussed t h e lack of s ubmissions o f
~rchitec tur~l plans f or review , as requested in the Commission 1 s l etter
of last June .
Mr . Baldwin made the motion f or the Chairman to write the
Ci ty department heads and urge their c ooperat ion in submit t ing plans i n
their preliminary s ta ges .
The motion was unanimously c arried .
The meet i ng was adj o urned at 4 p . m.
Ann But ler
Recording Secretary

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