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Atlanta, Georgia 30303

December 1, 1967



Me. Collier Gladina
Planning Department
City of Atlante
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Dear Collier:

I am enclosing copies of correspondence I have received from Black, Crow &
EBideness, Inc., who are filing for a federal demonstration grant covering
sanitary and storm water sewage under the Federal Water Pollution Act.

Mr. Dan Sweat, Mr. Charlie Henson of the Tax Assessors, and I met with Mr.
Bob Morriss and representatives of Black, Crow & Eidsness, Inc., while you
were out of town and thoroughly discussed proposed projects. It was felt
that it would be very desirable and in the best interest of the City to

shift the proposed area to be studied from the Peachtree Creek Basin which
involves Fulton County, DeKalb County, and the City of Atlanta to the South
River and Intrenchment Creek Water Basins which lie entirely within the city
limite of Atlanta or the greater portion thereof does. The South River Basin
ie the part which covers the Demonstration Cities Area. This change was
suggested by Mr. Morriss because he felt that we had more potential federal
aid to the City in years to come by undertaking corrective action on storm
sewers and sanitary sewers. It is my understanding that under this program
we could get a demonstration grant of 100% federal funds to undertake certain
phases of the work, but it would not cover any mapping of contour sheets; or
we heave an alternate of securing up to $250,000 from the federal goverment
with the City underwriting the balance.

@ complete package plan of the area, Mr. Sweat and I felt that it would
very desirable to have contour maps of the Model Cities area which could
used by many of the agencies and departments that would be participating
Model Cities Program. 1 personally feel that if the contour mape can
zoduced early enough the cost paid to the research group and the Georgia
itute of Technology could possibly be reduced.

been advised by Mr. Morriss and others that Black, Crow & Eidsness, Inc.
until December 5 to submit their final application to the Department of
tior to cover this grant.

=e &


Mr. Collier Gladin
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December 1, 1967

I believe that it would be a wonderful venture for the City to undertake this
program, particularly in reviewing the benefits that would accure to the
Demonstration Cities Area.

I thought you might like to have this information prior to finalizing your
agreements with the research group and with the Georgia Institute of Teche
nology. it would also be helpful if I could receive your comments as to

the value of this program and how it would relate to Demonstration Cities.

Again, you can see we are on a critical time schedule; and if we are to
consummate the program by December 5, an early decision must be made in this

Yours very truly,

Charles L. Davis
eet po
ans "Wee He Eeri Landers we
Mr. Dan Sweat

Mr. George Berry

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