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Box 13, Folder 8, Document 28

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September 27 , 1967
To: Mr. Collier Gladin
From: R . Earl L nd rs
Pardon my del y in · nswering your memor ndurn of Septemb r
13th. I think that recent statement by the Mayor, will nswer
your question a to a possible bond is u in 1968 .
As to the matter of seeking State legi · lation enabling us to is•u
g neral obligation bonds without a ref io ndUJll, l offe,: th
following confidential opinion:
1 think it would b
mistake for such leghlation to be
approved as Con titutional am ndment fol" Fulton County
for the rea on that thi would put Fulton County in
position to is ue g n r · 1 oblig tion bond contrary to our
wi he and to the detriment of the citiz na inside the City
of Atl nta, without those citizen · h ving n opportunity to
approve auch n b w .•
l refer p cific:ally to po . •ible 11ewer i ue, by Fulton
County. W have diecuaaed many tim • th
would b
xtr m ly unfah:· for Fulton County to finance
its portion of n ded c pital improv m nt in th
ter pollution control by the i auanc of g · r 1
obligation bonda, 80% of which would b
td by ·t he citi•
ene of Atlanta, wh.U tho•
me tlant& citi
payln ~w .r s -:rvtc• chars; to pay th. City'
for 1uch capital impi-ovem nt · • Under th · p.r ••nt aetup.
Atl n cltiz-• n . would at l
t hav th oppo~tunity to
dbapprove th• l•s~nc of auc:h bonds.
l think we ahow.d m ke very effort to def at W• Con Ututional amendm nt £or Fulton County, a-n if we
asewn · tbi
uld hardly ·a t th• -.irn"
aak f r such l• ialad.v approval for

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