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Mr. Karl Bivens, City Traffic Engineer
Mr. Charles Davis, Ccm;.1troller
Mr. Jack Delius, General Hana3er, Parks
Mr. Collier Gladin, Planni.n~ Director
'Mr. Geor:;e Goodwin, Peachtree Center Association
Miss Nary Louise n.heay , Actin 0 Director, Atlanta Fublic Library
Mr. _Ray Ni:x:on, Director of Pnblic Works
Mr. M. B. Satterf ield, Executive Director, Atlanta Housing Authority
Hr. Dan Sweat, Director of Governmental Liason
Mr. Paul Weir, General Manager, Water Department
Dr. Darwin Womack, Assistant Superintendant of School Plant Planning and
Eric Harkness, Long Ran~e Planning Division
Urban Reautification Implimentation
It is expected that the city's 1967 Urban _~eautification Application will be funded
by the end of October.
In April you were notified that the city had received a Letter of Consent from the
Department of Housing and Urban Development notifyin~ us that ex?enditures for any
activity ideniified in the Urban Beautification application would not subsequently
be disallowed soley because they were made prior t o the approval of the ap plication,
providin3 expenditures so made were in foll conformity with the application as it
might be approved, the terms of the contract for Federal grant assistance and the policies
and requirements under the Urban Beautification and Improvement Program.
The city has only 312 months to finish or have · under contract all activities listed in
the application. To make sure the city meets its commitment it is requested that all
participatins departments review their programs and forward their Urban Beautification
schedule to Eric Harkness, City Planning Department, to determine where we stand on
the overall program . If some activities in the application are not underway, the y
should be made ready and the contract let by the end of December, 1967 .
The city must make every effort to bez in all activities in the 1967 ap plication or
the cit y 's eligibility could be jeopardized if the residentially related activities
drop below 60% of the cost of activities included in the appl i cat ion.
I f cir cums tances have produ ced changes or deletion of any of the 1967 activities ,
pleas e infor m me because i t may be necessary to substitute othe r activ i ties in or de r
to -ma i nt a i n our 60% minimum. Such changes can be made eas i l y pr ior to a ppr ov a l of
the applica tion but a f t e r appr ov al would r equir e an amendatory appl ication .
The 1967 application was a lso fo rwa r ded t o you in April. The on l y changes which
have been made are in the Parks and Schoo l Departments activitie s .
If you have any questions, please contact me at 522-4463, Ext. 325.

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