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August 2, 1967

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

At a recent meeting of the Nash—Bans Co-ordinating Committee a unani-=
mous decision was reached instructing the Chairman to send you the
enclosed petition which is self-explanatory.

As you have been previously informed, the Co-ordinating Committee
is composed of pastors of all the churches in the area, or a
member of the official board designated by the pastor to represent
the church in question, the presidentsof the Parent Teachers
Association of the three schools located in the Nash-Bans area and
representatives of fraternal, business, civic, and professional

In order that the organizations represented by the members of the
Committee shall be made intelligently aware of the manner in which
their representatives shall cooperate with the Mayor and other
appropriate city officials in the overall Urban Renewal Program,
calculated to improve the housing and living conditions of the citizens
of the community, the Committee is very anxious to have an official
statement from the Chief Executive of our political subdivision and
those associated with him as suggested above.

Hoping to hear from you in response to this inquiry at an early date.

I am sincerely yours, ery

‘Jesse 0. Thomas


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