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Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404


July 26, 1967

Mr, Robert Bivens

Executive Director

Central Atianta Progress, Inc.
Suite 2740, 2 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr, Bivens:

Subject: CBD Plan

Foliowing your meeting with the Mayor concerning this subject,
I have had several discussions with the Mayor and Alderman Cook plus,
of course, the numerous meetings with you end Don Ingram.

As you know, I agree one hundred percent with the Central Atlanta
Progress Directors and yourself that a CBD Plan is vitally needed for
downtown Atlenta, The edvent of repid transit, the relocation of
garment wholesslers from the CBD, the extensive development of John
Portman's Peachtree Center, the Nasher Air-Rights developments, the
Cousins Air-Rights developments, the proposals for urban renewal in
the CBD area by the Community Improvement Program and the Georgia
State College development plan all will have a tremendous impact on
the future development of downtown Atlanta.

I feel very strongly that three organizations have an interest
in end a role to play in the development of such a plan. CAP, of course,
is vitally interested in what heppens to the immediate downtown area.
ABMPC is more concerned with the impact the CBD hae on the region as a
whole and the City Planning Department is most concerned with the CBD
and its relationship to the corporate limits of the City, All three
agencies then are concerned with « different segment or interest of
the population. ;

In order to assure the enthusiastic support of these three
agencies, as well as others such as the Chamber of Commerce, the CBD
planning process must be set up to allow the maximum utilization of the

Mr. Robert Bivens =2e July 26, 1967

data and talent of these organizations. Without the wholehearted
suppoxct of each of these bodies, there is a question in my mind
whether the plan can be successfully implemented. CAP represents
the leaders of the business community whose property and business
interests are involved and whose political support will be
necessary to carry out the plan. Most of the funds to carry out
the plan will, no doubt, come from bond funds paid for by the City
of Atlanta and will require the support and approval of the Mayor
end Board of Aldermen, Any Federal funds, other than urban
renewal, used in the planning phase must be channeled through ARMPC
or through MARTA, the agency responsible for the greatest single —
impact on the future development of the CBD.

Based on the above, I have recommended to the Mayor and Aldermen
Cook the following, which both feel they could support.

1. That a joint staff be created using planners from
our department and from CAP, This joint staff would
be under the direction of Don Ingram of your staff.
We would loan experienced personnel from our depart-
ment as their particular skills are needed, i.e.,
Jim Kluttz (Landscape Architect with a Maater's
Degree from Harvard) could be assigned for the duration
of the project; Dick Rasler (Engineer with a Master's
Degree in Transportation and Planning from Tech) would
be assigned on a part-time basis to aid in the
transportation and traffic portion of the studg; John
Watson (Economiet with a Master's Degree from University
of Georgia) would be assigned to develop Electronic
Data Processing designs for producing information from
our data bank, and other personnel from our department
might be assigned as needed - draftsman, etc,

2. This joint staff would report to both the CAP Executive
Coumittee and the Planning and Development Comittee of
the Board of Aldermen.

3. A memorandum of agreement (not legally binding) would be
developed spelling out precisely what role the Planning
and Development Committee, our department and CAP would
play in the project. It should also provide for the
contractual invelvement of ARMPC,

4. This agreement would provide that the P & D Committee
wust review all program designs, goals and major
assumptions, contracts with consultants, the particular
consultant chosen, preliminary and interim reports.

Me. Robert Bivens o3q July 26, 1967

Vinal reports would be subject to the approval of
the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The project staff
would meet with the P & D Committee at least
monthly during the duration of the study.

5. The City anticipates contributing personnel, computer
time and possibly cash. This, of course, would be
subject to the Finance Committee's approval. If the
City puts up cash the P & D Committee and the Finance
Committee would have to approve all contracts with
congultants before they are executed, including the
consultant chosen. In all other cases, if the P & D
Committee fails to approve the recommendations of the
joint staff the Project Director, at his discretion,
may proceed with their recommendations, but must
indicate the Committee's disapproval in any preliminary
or interim report referring thereto. The City of
Atlanta would actually be @ party to any contracts
with consultants along with CAP.

I sincerely hope that this proposal is one which you end your
Executive Board can support.



Collier 3. Gladin
Planning Director

C3B/ jp
ec., Mayor Ivan Allen —~

Alderman Rodney Cook
Charles Davis, Comptroller

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