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• areh 13 ~ 1969
Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Cente r
Davis--Mont ham Airforce Base,
85 707
RE :
Demi litarized surplus combat aircraft , Poste ll and
Roads Str.e ~ t s, _i_._w_.____
Dear Sir:
Please oons1der,:·~h1e a for ,a l request from the City of
tlanta to acquire a demilitarized 3Urp l us combat aircraft
for installation on a p laylot l ocated within the City of
Atlanta in a disadvantag~d area known as Vie Ci ty , and
more particularly located at Postell and Roads Streets , N. •
If this request is approved , the undersigned wi ll arrange
wit. t h n yor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Atlanta
to hav pas ed
r solution to authorize the N yor or the
und rsi gned to accept title and responsi ility for the
donated property.
In addition, we
position nd wi ll sign in compli no
n assurance that t h r will b no
d1sorim1nation ex rciz din conn ction with the don ted property.
with the Civil Rights Law
ppreo1ate any consideration t hat you can g1v
�Military Airaraft Storage and Disposition Center
!'larch 13 ~ 1969
Pag e 2
this request j and I am
Cordially ,
Jack C. Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation
JCD: tm
cc :' Colonel J. F. Frakes , Prof. of Aerospace Stu91es
Dan Sweat ~ D11'"ector of Oovermental Liasion i/
Miss Elizabeth Hendricks , President, Board of
Trustees, Quaker House
Ir. Neal iilliams , Georgia IDech
Mr. Stan 1artin , Jr., Assistant General Manager of
Parks and Recrea tion
,r . Joe Gentry , Parks En ineering Division

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