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Mr. Isadore Candeub, President
Candeub, Fleissig & Associates
32 Green Street

Newark, New Jersey 07102

Dear Mr. Candeub:

We have now had the opportunity to thoroughly review
the Equal Opportunity In Housing report prepared by your firm in
connection with the Atlanta Community Improvement Program.

The planning staff, Alderman Rodney %, Cook, and I
reviewed this report independently and then met to discuss it.
Each of us had reached the same conclusions and had the same
reactions, which are appropriately reflected in the enclosed
comments. Basically, we consider this report to be: the least
effective CIP report rendered to date.

It would be most helpful if we could set up a meeting

at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter, At that time
we will provide you with specific comments.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.

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