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Member Organizations:

The Ruth Mitchell Dance Company;
The Pocket Theatre, Inc.; Children's
Civic Theatre, Inc.; Atlanta Symphony
Orchestra; Atlanta Pop Concerts;
The Atlanta Music Club; Atlanta Civic
Ballet; Arts Festival of Atlanta, Inc.;
The High Museum of Art; The Atlanta
Municipal Theatre, Inc.; Southern
Ballet of Atlanta, Inc.

Greater Ailanta Aris Council




The Choral Guild of Atlanta;

The Academy Theatre; Atlanta Boy Choir;
Atlanta Music Festival Association;
Decatur-DeKalb Civic Ballet; Alliance of
Professional Artists; Actors and Writers
Workshop, Inc.; Theatre Atlanta, Inc.;
American Institute of Architects

(North Georgia Chapter); Atlanta
Singers; Atlanta Community Orchestra;
Pro-Mozart Society

Sponsored by Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce / Atlanta Chamber of Commerce / Atlanta Women's Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Eric Harkness

November 30, 1966

Department of City Planning

Mr. Jack Delius

Manager, Department of Parks and Recreation

City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Eric and Jack:

I write on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Greater
Atlanta Arts Council to urge the development of plans for the design
and construction of an outdoor performing facility in Piedmont Park.
The Council believes that such a facility is sorely needed to meet a
multiplicity of community needs, some of which are as follows:

(1) Primary and secondary school musical (band, orchestral and
choral) concerts
(2) Children's theatre and dance presentations
(3) Atlanta Arts Festival performing arts events
() Political rallies
(5) Other community activities of interest which have access

to no other

stage facility

(6) College productions by Atlanta area colleges.

Events which could be presented here would be very attractive to vast
numbers of Atlanta citizens because of the informal outdoor setting.

This has been demonstrated by the events presented for the last dozen
years by Arts Festival productions.

The Council hopes that you may look favorably on this request
and we would be most happy to assist in the promotion and development
of this project if you feel that it would be useful.


Cordially yours,


Joseph S. Perrin


Address: Art Department, Georgia State College / 33 Gilmer Street, Southeast / Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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