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Office of General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

October 20, 1967



Dr. Edith Varon and Mr. Jack Schmitt, Community
Council; Mr. Bud Stone, E.O.A.; Mr. Pierce Mahoney
and Mr. Eric Harkness, Planning Department; Miss
Virginia Carmichael and Mr. Jim Allen, Park and
Recreation Department

FROM: Jack C. Delius, General Manager of Parks & recreation A

SUBJECT : Transfer of summer recreation programs to School

I attach hereto a Xerox copy of Mayor Allen's news: release
of September 26, 1967, which deals in part with shifting the
recreation responsibilities to the School Department during
the summer months as well as a Xerox of his memorandum to
Dr. Letson, Miss Carmichael, and myself of October 18, 1967.
Also attached are two news articles dealing with these items
of October 19, 1967.

By copy of this memorandum, I am advising Mayor Allen and
members of the Park Committee that our Parks and Recreation
Survey and Plan is giving special consideration to the
potentialities of the proposal of transferring special summer
recreation programs — particularly in low income areas — to

the School Department. Our Recreation Plan should be finished
no later than December 29, 1967 and should include a program

for the summer of 1968, suggestions on bond items to be included
in our spring referendum, as well as the proper and most effective
expenditure of the recent State windfall of $350,000 and, last
but: not least, the programing of our 1968 Park Improvement
Capital Fund.

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor, City of Atlanta wr
All members of the Aldermanic Parks Committee

Dr. John Letson y

Dr. John Martin

Dr. Darwin Womack

Mr. Dan Sweat

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