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August 1, 1967

Mr. Obie Shelton

Executive Vice President
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
1400 Commerce Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Shelton:

During a recent Called Meeting of the Aldermanic Parks Committee
the members informally discussed at my request the best

_ location for the Cyclorama of the Battle of Atlanta if and

when we reached the point where financing is available for
restoration and a new home. The Committee directed that

we bring this matter up for a formal decision at the regular :
meeting scheduled for August 15, 1967 at 2:00 p.m. in

Committee Room No. 2 of the City Hall. Members of the Committee
further asked that I correspond with you and invite you to attend
this meeting in the event that you would like to express an
opinion on the best location for the Cyclorama. If it should

be inconvenient for you to attend on August 15 and you would

care to write the undersigned, it would be my pleasure to_

present your views and opinions to the Aldermen. We particularly -
appreciate your continued interest in the Cyclorama which is —
obviously our most valuable physical historical possession and
trusting you can attend on August 15, I am

' ; Jack C. Delius :
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation


cc: Mr. Gordon F. Price, Southeastern Underwriter's Association
Mr. Beverly.DuBose, Attorney at Law
Mr. Franklin M. Garrett, Coca-Cola Company
Mr. Wilbur Kurtz, Jr., Coca-Cola Company
All members of the Aldermanic Parks Committee
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor of Atlanta gl
Mr. R. Earl Landers, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor

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July 26, 1967

A Called Meeting of the Aldermanic Parks Committee was held on Wednesday,
July 26, 1967 at 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the City Hall Annex.
Present were Aldermen Charlie Leftwich, Buddy Fowlkes, Q. V. Williamson,
and G. Everett Millican. Also present was Mr. R. Earl Lander,
Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, Mr. Charles L,. Davis, City
Comptroller, Mr. Woody Underwood of the Comptroller's Staff, Mr. Eric
Harkness of the Planning Department, and Messrs. Jack C. Delius, Stan
Martin, A. P. Brindley, and Stan Ayer, of the Parks Department.

Chairman Leftwich stated that the primary purpose of the called meeting
was to discuss the recent allocation of some $350,000 by the Finance
Committee to the Department of Parks for emergency—type activities in
the Parks Department. Mr. Leftwich explained that the funds were °°
allocated only for capital improvements, etc. and were not intended to
be for operating costs and other everyday items. Mr. Leftwich distributed
a preliminary list of priorities drawn up by the Park Staff. A
considerable discussion took place by members of the Park Committee

as to just how priorities should be established and the best ways

to spend the fund. It was unanimously agreed that whenever and wherever
possible the money should be utilized for projects qualifying under

50% aid assistance from the Federal government through either the Land
and Water Conservation Act or the Open Space Program. Although additional
park lands are desperately needed and should be purchased while still
available, it was generally felt by the Committee that the funds should
be spent on Parks already purchased and owned by the City of Atlanta so
that these facilities might be placed in service at the earliest
possible date. The City Comptroller has pointed out that the City of
Atlanta is officially committed to the purchase in the immediate future
of an Urban Renewal Park Site in the Western portion of the Rawson-
Washington Urban Renewal Area and a park site adjacent to the W. C.
Hills School in the Bedford-Pine Urban Renewal Area. Other urban
renewal park sites were considered too far off in the future to

commit funds at the present time. Alderman Williamson felt that the
Peyton Road Project should be deferred at this time since it is ina
middle class community and not a disadvantaged area. The General
Manager pointed out that Peyton Road was the only park site purchased
under the 1963 Bond Program that had received no development or
allocation of funds and while in principle the majority of the funds
should go to disadvantaged areas of the City, some development should
start on the Peyton Road Site. Alderman Fowlkes expressed an opinion
that all the funds should be used for development, an opinion generally
expressed by the General Manager. Alderman Millican stated that one

of the best ways to use the money would be to light ball fields for
night-time use.

The following list was finally decided upon and received the unanimous
approval of the Parks Committee:

(Cont 'd)






a) Necessary site preparation

including storm drainage,

grading, grassing.
b) Drive and parking
c) Ball diamond
d) Paved court areas
é) Children's play areas
a) Paved court areas
b) Paved walk and skating

' circle
c) Planting (trees & shrubs)
HARPER 2nd STAGE 25,000
a) Drive and parking
b) Paved court areas
c) Children's play areas
da) Adult recreation areas
GUN CLUB 3rd STAGE 150,000
a) Major size swimming pool,

bathhouse, and necessary

surrounding site work
CENTER HILL (Improvement to 40,000

existing park)



Required site preparation,
grading and drainage

Park drive and parking
Paved court area
Children's play area
Relighting of existing ball

cory |

7-26-67 Revised List


30,000 30,000
12,500 12,500
12,500 12,500
75,000 75,000
20,000 20,000

cory |

5, COPY rR




6. ANDERSON PARK (improvement to 50,000 25,000 25,000
existing park)

a) Required site preparation
grading and drainage

b) Park drive and parking

c) Paved court area

da) Children's play area

7. jBENTEEN 2nd STAGE 30,000 15,000 15,000

a) Complete drive and-parking
b) Paved court area

c) Children's play area

dad) Planting (trees & shrubs)

8. THOMASVILLE 3rd STAGE 28,000 14,000 14,000

a) Additional drive & parking
b) Children's play area

c) Paved walks

da) Ball field lighting

9. Purchase of park in Rawson - 65,500 32,750 32,750
Washington Urban Renewal Area
(adjacent to public housing)

10. Purchase of C. W. Hill School 140,000 70,000 70,000
park site in Bedford-Pine Urban
Renewal area.

ll. Purchase of additional park 86,500 43,250 43,250
land throughout the city —- to
be decided with the help of
the City Planning Department.

TOTALS 700,000 350,900 350,009

The last item on the proposed budget, number 11, concerns the purchase

of additional park land throughout the City. Alderman Leftwich and other
members of the Committee expressed an opinion that in the event that
estimates of construction were too low on some of the other projects that
item 11 in part at least could be diverted to make up deficits. Stan
Martin, Parks Administrative Assistant, has already requested the City
Planning Department to make a survey to determine where additional parks
lands are needed. Mr. Martin has already requested Mr. Collier Gladin,
the City Planning Engineer, to up date the 1961 Park Plan.

‘The General Manager was directed to forward immediately to the Finance

Committee of the Board of Aldermen the above suggested allocation of
the $350,000.

ss =e

Cory | cory {COPY



coe >

The General Manager then requested the Chairman of the Parks Committee

to take up the discussion of the proposed location of the new Cyclorama

if and when it is constructed. Mr. Delius feels that the Cyclorama should
remain in Grant Park since it is located on the fringe of the actual
Battle of Atlanta which the Cyclorama depicts, has been in the park for
some eighty years, is internationally advertised as being in Grant Park,
and is adjacent to ample parking, the zoo, and Fort Walker. All members
of the Committee agreed that the best location for the Cyclorama was for
it to remain in Grant Park. Mr. Delius explained that there was some
feeling among certain individuals that if the Cyclorama is rebuilt it

be located in a downtown area possibly adjacent to the auditorium where

it would be immediately accessible to tourist traffic, etc. The Chairman
of the Parks Committee suggested that at the next Park Committee meeting
on August 15, 1967, that the matter be formally voted upon but that

in the meantime Mr. Delius should contact all those individuals who have
expressed an interest in where the new Cyclorama should be located and
invite them to come before the August 15th meeting. The Committee agreed
that any and everything should be done possible within the capacity of
our present finances to begin study towards the renovation of the painting
proper and the construction of the new Cyclorama building.

Mr. Charles Davis, City Comptroller, suggested to the Committee and the
Parks Department that work should begin immediately on applications for
matching Federal funds relative to the above mentioned $350,000 and that
in addition, applications should be submitted for the purchase of park
lands in the norther portion of the West End Urban Renewal Area and in
the Rockdale Urban Renewal Area. In the case of the latter project,
originally only one park site was suggested for Rockdale; however, there
appears to be three park sites now with two being donated and one having
to be purchased by the City. Mr. Davis said that somehow or other funds
would be made available for a park in the northern portion of the West
End Urban Renewal project and in the Rockdale Urban Renewal Project.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

a Soe
Oory 'CcoPY jCOPy |
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