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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 41

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555 East .Anthony Street N.W.
Atlanta 18, Georgia
July· 15,1967
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall-i
AtlanteY;o~c-.ocb / ~
Dear Sir,
~/~ e
/?. __ . ...-(__
~ a
I am w-ri tting you hoping you are able to help me in some wa:y. I live
at 555 E.Anthony St.N .H. ,my back yard is at the base of Maddox Park
where there is a ditch that belongs to the city. When it rains the
ditch overuns with water, the water therefore backs up into my bac~cdoor into my house an d my whole downstairs is then flooded with water.
When this h appens I have to send my children to stay at my mother until we can get th e housF dry from the water. My baby has taken pneumonia fro 1!1 the lfi'ouse being flooded in the 18st rains.
I have called the Sewage· and Park Depa.rtments concerning the problem, .
but I have.go t no results fro m the departments.
The ditch needs to be dug de~per or something so that the water will
not' be overun with water during a rain.
If ~u can give me any kind of help to the the wat e r from flooding my house I would Appreciate your hepp •. I feel that you will help
me with my problem.
Sincerely yours,
{l fl~A----'4 ~ v £
~- ;;?Lf -91~
. .. -·'· -.
..· ·.

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