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r ne a co Office of General Manager
it ee

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

July 20, 1967


Mr. Jesse Hill, Jr., Co-Chairman
Atlanta Summit Leadership Conference
% Atlanta Life Insurance Company

P. O. Box 897

Atlanta, Georgia 30301

Dear Mr. Hill:

Thank you very much for your telephone call to my office on
Friday, July 14 and your letter of July 17, 1967, requesting
that we withold the earmarking or committment of some $350,000
for park purposes until a committee of the Atlanta Summit
Leadership Conference can meet with me.

First of all, the City has formerly committed itself to purchase

of park site North of the expressway in the West End Urban Renewal
Area; a park site adjacent to the W. C. Hills School in Bedford-
Pine Urban Renewal Area; a park site in the Western portion of

the Rawson-Washington Urban Renewal Area; and, a park site in the
Rockdale Urban Renewal project. Our best information from the

City Comptroller is that these park sites must be purchased and

are part of the overall Urban Renewal projects for the respective
areas of the City. The rather limited funds that are left after
the purchase of these properties have been very carefully allocated
to a number of urgent projects on the southside, westside, and
northeast side of our City. The suggested priority list of projects
has been submitted to the Park Committee of the Board of Aldermen
and, through the City Comptroller to the Finance Committee of the
Board of Aldermen. We expect to have a called meeting of the

Parks Committee in a few days after the members have had time to
review and digest the project list.

Regarding your request to meet with me on Tuesday, July 25, I
would certainly be glad to meet with you but I think it would be
best for you to discuss your requests with the Parks Committee
of the Board of Aldermen since they have the final say—so on
priorities, etc., pertaining to Park and Recreation facilities.
You may care to correspond with Alderman Charlie Leftwich, the
Chairman of our Committee and, of course, Alderman Williamson,


Mr. Hill
Page Two
July 20, 1967

your Co-Chairman of the Atlanta Summit Leadership Conference, is
also a member of the Aldermanic Parks Committee.

If you would still care to meet with me on July 25, just give
me a call and thank you for your continued interest, I am


ack C. Delius
eneral Manager of
Parks and Recreation


CC: Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor, City of se ae
Rev. S. W. Williams, Co-Chairman, Atlanta Summit Leadership
Alderman Q. V. Williamson, Co-Chairman, Atlanta Summit Leadership
Conference and Member of Aldermanic Parks Committee
Alderman Charlie Leftwich, Chairman, Aldermanic Parks Committee
Alderman Buddy Fowlkes, Vice-Chairman, Aldermanic Parks Committee
Alderman G. Everett Millican, Member, Aldermanic Parks Committee
Honorable Milton Farris, Chairman, Finance Committee
Mr. Charles L. Davis, Comptroller, City of Atlanta

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a Office of General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

tt ND, Keys

July 20, 1967


Mr. Gilbert H. Boggs
Director of Housing
Atlanta Housing Authority
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Boggs:

SUBJECT: Pedestrian Bridge across Proctor Creek from
Perry Homes to Gun Club Park.

You may recall that last year I wrote Mr. Earl Metzger
regarding the desperate need for a footbridge across
Proctor Creek from Perry Homes to the Northeast corner of
Gun Club Park. At that time, the estimated cost of a
footbridge was between $10,000 and $15,000. Since our
property line is on our side of the creek and the creek
itself lies within the boundaries of the Perry Homes
property, we asked that Atlanta Housing Authority consider
undertaking the construction of this bridge to provide
ingress to the park for the children in the eastern section
of Perry Homes.

My letter was referred to you and your reply, dated
October 28, 1966, was that the possibility of construction
of "the footbridge to serve the park" would not be feasible
from the Atlanta Housing Authority's standpoint because
you did not have the necessary $10,000 to $15,000 nor did
you have the authority from the Federal agency which must
approve this type of expenditure. You further stated that
you did not believe it would be considered an eligible cost.

We would first like to point out that this footbridge
would not serve the park. On the contrary, the footbridge
would serve the people of Perry Homes. In fact, our
whole purpose in acquiring and developing the 42-acre Gun

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Mr. Boggs
Page Two
July 20, 1967

Club Park is to provide desperately needed recreation
facilities for the more than one thousand families and
more than 3200 children and teenagers who have been
isolated for so long in the Perry Homes Housing Project.

We are aware of the new installation of culverts
and the extension of the roadway from Perry Homes across
Proctor Creek providing access to the site of your new
140-unit addition to the Project. However, this is a_
considerable distance from the proposed location of
the footbridge; and the families who live in the eastern
section of Perry Homes would face a quite lengthy hike
to make their way west to the existing crossing and
back through the new section of Perry Homes to the Park.
As a matter of fact, many children in the eastern extremity
will be able to stand in their yards and see the ball
diamonds across the creek. We are convinced that a
constant hazard will exist as these children attempt to
ford Proctor Creek and make their own shortcut to the
lower level of the Park. We feel very strongly that
this type of situation should be eliminated and we feel
that the Atlanta Housing Authority should accept the

Realizing that it would not be feasible for you to
spend $10,000 to $15,000 for this purpose, we have taken
it upon ourselves to explore the possibility of constructing
a safe and permanent footbridge at a more feasible cost.
Mr. Charles G. Devon, Assistant Parks Engineer, has
developed a plan for a bridge constructed of precast-
prestressed concrete with hand rails and concrete footings
that would cost less than $1500 in place. Further, we
are prepared to offer our technical assistance and labor
to supervise and assist in the construction of the bridge.
Enclosed is a proposal from Concrete Materials of Georgia,
Inc., for the main bridge structure, including its erection,
in the amount of $1,067.53. This does not include the
hand rails or the footings for which we would provide the
labor and the materials are estimated to be approximately
$400. Also enclosed is a drawing showing details of the
plan. In light of this new cost estimate, perhaps you
will reconsider the possibility of the Housing Authority
funding this bridge.

We have recently completed the first phase development
of Gun Club Park at a cost of $83,541. We have signed the
contract for $52,206 for the second phase development, which
will dnmclude the ball diamonds on thelower end of the property
adjacent to Proctor Creek, and the contractor is expected

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