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July 3, 1967

Mr. Willie Johnson, Chairman
Constructive Youth Council of the
Northwest Perry Homes Area

2339 Arno Court, N.Y.

Atlanta, Georgla

Dear Mr. Johnson:

Thank you very much for your letter of June 28, 1967, regard-
ing our conference of June 20, 1967, outlining the requests
made by the citizens of your area for recreational and park
facilities. By copies of this letter, I am requesting the
Directors of the Neighborhood Playlot Program and Operation
Champ to submit to you the list of all locations presently

in existence. We certainly will welcome the opportunity to.
allow the community to assist in the planning, development,
and operation of recreational programs for youth and young
adults in your neighborhood.

As to the utilization of neighborhood Youth Corps ineschool
enrollees and out-of-school enrollees, we currently have a
request before E.0.A. for one hundred out-of-school young
people. Fifty of these would be utilized in Operation Champ
(the city-wide recreation program) and fifty,we hope utilized
in the development of the Wilderness Camp at Lake Allatoona.
As of yet, we have not received any enrollees but we under-
stand that they are being recruited from the respective E.0.A.
Service Centers. I would assume that some will be coming
from your neighborhood service center and there should be no
problem to see that these individuals are properly assigned
back to the area from which they reside.

By copy of this letter, I will make it known to Miss Virginia
Carmichael, the Director of Recreation, and also the Directors
of Operation Champ and the Neighborhood Playlot Program tht
you are requesting the placement of recreation leaders at
Pitts, Finch, and Chattahoochee Elementary Schools,


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Mr, Johnson
Page Two
July 3, 1967

The Aldermanic Parks Committee over the last several years
has written the Atlanta Housing Authority requesting that
recreation personnel be employed on a permanent basis by
the Housing Authority to supervise recreation not only at
Perry Homes but at all public housing projects.

We have siqned the contract for the second phase of Gun
Club Park. This phase will be on the lower end of the
property adjacent to Proctor Creek and the contractor is
expected to commence work just any day. As discussed with
you, we are still in a quandary over the availability of

a pedestrian bridge across Proctor Creek so that the Park
that will be developed can be immediately accessible to
the residents of Perry Homes. We are waiting on a response
from the Atlanta Housing Authority as to who will pay for
this bridge since our property line stops on our side of
Proctor Creek and it's our understanding that the Housing
Authority owns up to this line.

We certainly appreciate the suggestion for location of ad-
ditional playlots for your area, I am Xeroxing your letter
and supplying it to Mr. Pete Williams, Right-Of-—-Way Agent,
Land Agent's Office and ask that he search out each and
every location you have suggested and, in the event he is
unable to obtain permission for the use of any of these
lots, to advise you accordingly.

We would certainly like to extend the Operation Champ program

to include other communities, but as you know this is a
federally financed program which must terminate August 31

and we must be very careful not to overspend the allotted

sum of money for this activity. If we should be able to

save funds or have over-estimated the cost of certain activities,
we would be the first to want to expand the program into

other communities.

Although the Master Plan for Gun Club Park includes a swimming
pool, at this time I do not know at what date one could be
installed. Rest assured that your area will be given every
possible consideration in making up the 1968 Capital Improvement
Program, which will amount to a little over $300,000. This
rather limited amount of money must be spread over the entire
City of Atlanta and include the construction of not only
swimming pools but basic site work on some ten to fifteen parks
purchased under the 1963 Boni Program, construction of recreation
buildings, landscaping, etc.

I am very pleased that your committee will be willing to meet

— i =
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Mr. Johnson
Page Three
July 3, 1967

with the undersigned and other representatives of this
Department in making your community a better place to
live and I assure you that when we obtain leases on the
playlots at the locations you have suggested, we will
work very closely with your committee to see that the
program, equipment, etc. is what you need and want.

On behalf of Mayor Allen and other City Officials, let me
again thank you for meeting with us on the 20th and I am


Jack C, Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation


CC: Mr. Pete Williams, Land Agent's Office

Mr. Tom Christenson, Director, Operation Champ
Mr. Eddie McLemore, Director, Neighborhood Playlot Program
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.\/“

. Miss Virginia Carmichael
Mr. John Cox, Atlanta Youth Council
Mr. Bud Stone, E.O.A,
Mr. J. H. Robertson
Mr. Dan Sweat

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