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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 65

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July 3, 1967
Representative Julian Bond
Room 336, State c pitol
Atlanta, Georgia
Der Mr . Bond:
Th nk you for your continued interest in the p rk located at Fair
Street and Northside Drive nd more p rticularly your inquiry as
to the hours of oper tion of the spray pool . Currently , the one
Recreation Supervisor authorized "tty the City nd ssigned to this
f ci-lity operates the pool from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 at
night; five d ys a ¥8 k. I am sing Mr. D vid Knolton, the
Recre tion Supervi r for the Central District, to ork out some
method by which th spray pool could be o r ted on Saturday and
Sund y. A the nights gro
arm r , r tru t that
ill find
way to oper te the ater into the late evening - p rh ps until
lOeOO p.m ..
Th nk you for your continued interest, I am
Cordi lly,
J ck
c. Delius
G n ral Mang r of
Park and R er tion
Mr. David Knowlton
Hon. Iv n All n, Jr.v

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