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BCC: Honorable Ivan Allen, JYe; oar

All Members Aldermanic Parks Committee




tober 4, 1967

Mr. Gilbert H. Boggs
Director of Housing
Atlanta Housing Authority
$24 Hurt Bullding
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Boggs:

in further reference to our correspondence concerning
the need for a pedestrian footbridge across Froctor Creek
to provide access for the residents of Perry Homes to the
_hew Gun Club Park Site and more particularily relative to
my letter to you of September 20, 1967, we are most anxious
to know the status of the situation and the resection you
have received from the Housing Assistance Authority toward
funding this bridge. As you know, we have under construction
the second phase of Gun Club Park Site and the majority of
that now being built is fully visible to the residents of
your project living on the east side of Proctor Creek. We
feel certain that many of them will not walk the 750 feet
around the bend to the new vehicular bridge constructed to
serve the terry Homes Extension in order to reach park
property. (jie are most afreid that many of the children
will attempt to ford the creek and this could result in
some tregedies.

Ae your earliest convenience,could you please advise
me the progress being made on the bridge, and I am


Jack C, Delius

General Manager of

Parks and Recreation

CC: Mr, A, B. Brindley, Parks Engineer
Mx, Charlie Devon, Assistant Parke Engineer
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