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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 78

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L ., 1967
Mr . Richard H. Rich
Rich ' s , Inc .
45 Broad Street
Atlanta , Georgia 30303
Dear. .Mr. Rich:
I would like to give you a brief r eport on the outstanding
success of the portable swimming pools your foundation was
gracious enough to provide to the City of Atlanta . From June 9
through September 1 , 1967 , we had trained 153 classes whi ch
had a total enrollment of 27 .6 chil ren . In addi tion , some
23 , 077 participated during " 1 lay eriods
ow t a t fall is
here we have removed the swimming poo s from their outdoor
locations an already t~ree of the four have been installed in
the basements of various schools where showers and drain ge
are available and they will continue to be utili~ed through the
school year . The structures sustain virtually no vand lism
(several other cities had terrible experiences) and we fully
expect to place them back in operation come next summer . Your
don tion fortunately was sufficient enough to provide heaters
to raise the water temperature so there ' s no problem there
when cold weather sets in .
11 •
~le don ' t really know how to estimate the life expectancy
of the portable pools but we can certainly say with
deal of assurance that literally hundreds of thousands of
children in the coming years will enjoy something that would
not hav been possible had it not been for the generosity of
the Rich Foundation .
Sincerely ,
Jack C . Del iu
General Manag r of
Parks nd Recre tion
Honor abl
Ivan Allen,

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