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CITY OF .i-.TL}U"\J.Ti,....._______
E . 0 . l:...
Report #2 - i~gust 1, 1~67
The E. O • .i-. . Contract with the City of i,tlanta Department of
Parks and Recreation for ':iummer Recreation covers seven fields of
Senior Citizens, Resident Camping, Wilderness Camping,
Swimming, Playlot F rogram, the Extended Program, and Operation
SIINlOR CITIZENS For the period July 17 through July 31,
1~67, 250 Senior Citizens participated in a daily craft class;
555 participated in a night program; 150 took field trips; and
1000 attended baseball and soccer games at the .i-i.tlanta Stadium.
i-.TLANTl-,. RECREl-:.TION Cf,J•lPS . .-..t our resident camp at Lake
l-.llatoona for the period July 1 7 to July 31, our attendance ,-,as
175 young people. The ages ranged from 3 to 12 years and the
children came from Grove Park, Center Hill, Brannon, KirkHood,
Vine City, and Savannah Street.
SWIIvlHING - Using our four portable s,,!imming pools located
in the disadvantaged areas of Atlanta, we had the following total
participation for the period July 3 - July 31, 1 ~67:
Conley Street, six classes, with an enrollment o f
106 for a t otal attendance of 1332.
M:erritts i ,venue, six classes, with 113 enrolled
for a total attendance of 1438.
Rhodes Street , six classes, u ith 92 enrolled, for
a total attendance of 75S .
Wylie Street, five classes, ·with 50 enrolled ,for
a total attendance of 695.
This totals 23 classes with a total ~nrollment of 361 for a
total attendance of 4 224. Children from Operation Champ are now
being taught swimming at l-iedmont Park with a total of 18 classes
organized involving 29 4 different children for a total attendanc e
of 1305.
�Summer Recreation P rogram
Page Tv10
1-.ugust 1, 1967
E .0 . 1-~.
PLZ.YLOT PROGRii.f-1 - There ·were 32 playlots in operation during
July and from July 1 through July 15 participation totaled 30,781.
From July 16 through l.ugust 1, the attendance Has 27,015, for a
grand total for the month of July of 57,7 9 6.
EXTENDED PROGRJ'J'-1 The Recreation l:- rogram has been boosted
by the addition of staff through the Extended Services Program this
summer. Centers in 12 poverty areas are a b le to open their doors
earlier and remain open later in the evening averaging betv.reen 10
to 30 hours a 1:1eek beyond the regular program hours. There appears
to be a 15% increase in participation in the overall recreation
program at the 10 community centers involved. Dis~iplinary problems
in most areas are decreasing because of the added staff members and
the extended i_.Jell rounded program.
The Extended l rogram is being
offered at TechHood, E. 1- . Howell, Grove, l .iozley, P ittman, Joyland,
1.nderson, Carver-Campbell, Bass, and Bessie Branham.
Ol='ER.1-.TION CHt -. iiI; Total participation f igure for t he £ irst
seven weeks of Operation Champ i s 76, 960. Thi s figure is the total
number of differ e nt children particip ating ea c h day, a dded for a
tota l of seven 1eek s. hbout 5322 spectators obse rved the various
Oper a tion Champ p rogram s and are not counted in the ab ove mentioned
f i g ure .
For the period July 17 through z.u g ust 1, total d a ily
a t tendance was 2226 for a collective average of g 2 .7 young people
a t ea ch p lay lot .
For the pe riod June 17 through July 1 , the total
particip ation u as 21 4 7 p er day u ith an avera ge per playlot of S l .S· .
There has not be e n a p p r e ci ab le increase in the averag e daily
a ttendance d uring the mont h o f July. One t u o u e ek pe rio d included
eight days o f r ain ·1.-!hich drast ic a lly curtail e d our p a r t ic i p ation
f i g u re.
F ree a dmis sion a nd tran sportation ",!e re provide d f or t he
f ollowing :
1 4,~:S 0 ch i ldren to Ci t y .'.3-u immi ng Po o l s.
5, 50 0
3 , 000
2, 4 0 8
t!-, 773
1, 38 4
childr e n
to 1-iath i s Da i r i es.
t o the Coc a-Co la Company.
to h tl a n t a Bra ves ' Game s.
t o ~ ..t l ant a Ch i ef's Games.
t o bowling c li nics.
to free movie s .
to dances in i ndividu al areas .
to the h rchive s Bui l d i ng.
to the 1.t l ant a Journa l .
to Grant l-·ark Zoo, Cyclorama , Nature
and Tour.
�E.O. A. 0urnmer Recreation Program
Page Three
J.-.ugust 1, 1~67
\'lILDERNESS C.i-J-'lP - A ·Hell and hand pump is nou in o peration
on the 470 acre tract of virgin land at Lake l~llatoona near
Cartersville. 9 0 children have taken a day trip to the Wilderness
Camp during the period ending July 31, 1~67. Beginning in early
l.ugust, app roximately 50 young men ·will p articipate in developing
trails, cutting undergr01·1 th, etc . at the :ilderness Camp.

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