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June 26, 1967
Mr . Benard South
332 Piedroont Avenue, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear H.r. South:
Thank you for your letter of June 21, 1967 to ayor Iv n Allen , Jr .
regarding the playlot which has been constructed t the corner of
Merritts Avenue and Bedford Place .
Unfortunately, this uas the only large vacant availa~le piece of
land in the area.
'e have graded the ground any number of times ·three times in the last month - and the entire terrain is full of
rocks of various size. The more 1e scrape the more rocks we pick
le have taken our entire labor ere
and had thE"'..rn very carefully
by hand clear the rea and then cove.r i t •11 t 1 granlte dust . The
rock beneath the surface ork through s the large number of childr n
use this very poor and limited facility.
I live in the irnli1ediste neighborhood and inspect this facility d ily .
It is a poor eJ:cuse for a recre tion facility, but it is better th n
hrough the gener · ity of the ich Found tion, 10 ,rerc
abl to purchaoe four port bl m--imming pools and one of them - s
pl ced on this site. Plans have b en made to purchase a perm nent
p rk loc tion next to the recently completed • c. H.i ll chool,, which
is only
block or o removed from this pleylot. Trusting fund
will be av il bl, e would hop to d velo this park during th
c 1 ndar y r of 1968 ~
c rt inly
ppr ciate your kine ttention nd consid r tion to thi .
ssuring you w will make every possible effort tom int in
th f cility in om
onabl :COndition until we c n have n d u t
p rk , I
Cordi lly,
c. Deliu
n ral M gr of
nd R er tion
n, Jr.~
int n n

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