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June 26, 1967

Miss Brenda English

Northwest Perry Homes Service Center
1927-29 Hollywood Road, NW.
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Dear Miss English:

Thank you for your letter of June 14, 1967 to the Honorable Ivan
Allen, Jr., which has just been forwarded to this office for

i personally regret that you were kept waiting some twenty minutes
“@n the telephone and I am at @ loss to explain what might have
heppened, However, it is often very, very difficult in that we

now have nearly S500 employees on the payroll, operate eleven aiviedone

of city government, and are carrying on seven different crash summer
recreation programs being financed by Economic Cpportunity of Atlanta,

In order to coordinate and somehoy reduce the number of phone calls
reaching my desk from employees of neighborhood service centers,

Mr. Charles Ummerich has submitted a memorandum te all extension
managers esking thet any calls related to recreation be first screened
by Mr. Bud Stone, Recreation Coordinator for E,.0.A,

However, there is no reuson to delay receiving information rye
recreation for the Lincoln and Basen Homes areas and I would be gl
for you to contect Miss Virginie Carmichael, Director of Recreat:!

who could in turn place you in direct touch with the project director

for © oO ee ee eee, ee our other seven programs and
see t service could he apnea for the Lincoln and Bolton Homes

Thonk you agein for your letter, i am

; } \ Parke and Recreation



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