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April 18, 1967

Mr. Alan Kiepper
County Manager

Fulton County

165 Central Ave., 8.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Alan:

Miss Virginia,Carmichael, Director of Recreation, has been quite
busy all this past week preparing for the annual Tulip Festival
at Hurt Park; and, in addition she and other members of her staff
have been preparing for the Southern Recreation Conference to be
held in Birmingham beginning April 17. As a result, Miss
Carmichael was only able to give me a brief proposal for the
operation of the summer recreation program at the Hammond Drive
Park Site.

Miss Carmichael will be back in the City on April 20 and will be
able to expand on the contents of this proposal and answer any
questions you might have.

First of all, we are delighted at the opportunity of contracting

with Fulton County to operate a recreation program at Hammond Drive
Park. We realize the importance of making a successful venture ott
of thie undertaking in that it would be an example of what the City
of Atlanta can do in the field of parks and recreation if given the


_ Miss Carmichael has surveyed the park site and has reviewd the master
plan with Mr. Brindley’s Park Engineering Division. Assuming that we
would have access to the school building for restrooms, indoor facili-
ties in case of inclement weather, and also a small area for storage

of equipment, we feel that a program would include music, dance, arts
and craft, organized games, individual and team sports. Miss Carmichael
emphasizes that the program would be planned for all age levels if this
4s the wish of Fulton County. The staff would be staggered in order
that any team sports or late afternoon activities could be carried on.
The normal hours of operation would be six days a weék from 10 A.M.
until 6 P.M. The basic staff neceasary would be two Community Recreation
Leaders, at a salary range of $340 - $420 per month. If we should
recruit entrance level employees for this position, two Community
Recreation Leaders at $340 each for a three month period from June let

ot SS

Mr. Alan Kiepper
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to September Ist would amount to $2,040. An additional amount of
money would be necessary for the purchase of a modest amount of
supplies for arts and craft, etc. We could better determine this
cost after concluding what age groups we will concentrate on
serving. The only other expense to Fulton County will be the cost
of financing fringe benefits to employees which amounts to
approximately 14.98% of gross salary.

If you should need additional information please do not hesitate
to advise and thanking you again for this opportunity, I am


Jack CG. Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation

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ec: Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
All Members of the Parks Committee
Mr. R. E. Landers
Miss Virginia Carmichael
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