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April 18, 1967

Mr, Carl T. Sutherland, Director
Personnel Department

City of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Sutherland:

On Wednesday, April 12, I was asked to meet with Mr. Allison of EOA
along with Mr. Tucker of the Department of Housing and Urban

’ Development and several representatives of the Department of Labor.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the so-called Nelson
Amendment which apparently enables municipalities and other non-
profit organizations to employ the chronically under employed and
unemployed in public work projects. I asked Mr. Ed Farrow of your
department to be present in that I had a feeling that the program
would be appplicable not only to the Department of Parks but to
many other divisions of City government.

As Mr. Farrow perhaps has already advised you, the program has many

of the features of the Neighborhood Youth Corps. The basic difference
appears to be that the rate of pay will be $1.40 per hour, there is
apparently no age limitation, their program is aiming towards develop-
ing skills in the unemployed and providing them with an opportunity

for a promotion and permanent employment with the respective non-profit
agencies, etc. It appears that the City of Atlanta would be expected
to at least give a promise that an attempt would be made to place in
permanent positions after @ one year period of time those individuals
recruited under this program. Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

wold be the prime contractor and has the rather staggering responsibility
of placing some 6400 individuals in various jobs.

You will recall that when the NYC firet started off in Atlanta, the
Department of Parks was the only division of City government that was
involved; eventually, the entire City became involved due to your good
efforts in drawing up a contract for all departments in Cify govern-
ment. I think thet the Personnel Department should aseume the leader-
ship responsibility in the coordination necessary to make this an
effective and worthwhile project.

Mr. Carl T. Sutherland
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If I may be of any service to you do not hesitate to advise and I


Jack C. Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation

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ec: Mr. R. E. Landers —~
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Mr. Ed Farrow
Mr. William W. Allison, EOA

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