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Bpril 3, 1967 SAT :
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Mr. Carl T, Sutherlend ; |
Director of Personnel ; |
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 BY Ss |

Dear Mr. Sutherland:

It is hecoming incressingly more apparent that salary Range
No. 54 ($9439 -.$11,622) is not sufficient to attract a
large number of qualified épplicants for the position of the
Zoo Director. Do date, we have had three legitimate
epplicants; one of thei withdrew his name at the lest moment,
a second one said he would consider the position if it peid
more money, and the third one is interested in the job at the
range now presently offared. The third applicant appears to
be qualified eventhough he is only twenty-six years of age.
We were hoping for an older and more experienced individual
but possibly may have to make an ultimate selection of this
single applicant.

I feel very strongly that two things should be done. 1, that
the Personnel Board should pass a resolution authorizing the
General Manager of Parks to start the Zoo Director at any one

; of the six steps in Range No. 54. 2, and more important, I_

f recommend end urge that consideration ke given to placing “this

——ppesiti on on Range No. €0, which will he Zid, ALG — $14,924.

This appears to be the minimwn range necessary to attract e iy.
fully qualified individual and I feel very strongly that if we i
can't get someone who is competent in all respects we would be
just as well off without anyone.

Thanking you for your continued assistance and consideratiéon
to this department, I am

Jack C,. Dellus
General Manager of


Perks and Recreation |


ect My. Ed Pritchett, Personnel Dept.
Hon. Charlie Leftwich, Chairman, Parks Committee

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