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TELEPHONE: 451-5416
Mareh 20, 1967

Mr. Jack G. Delius

General Manager of Parks and Kecreation
City of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia 30393

Dear Mr. Delius;

We appreciate your letter dated March 9, 1967 eapreseing your coacer of
the progreas made on the Grant Park Concessions Building.

On July 11, 4966, we mailed Mx. Ms A. Tucker a letter in response to your
letter to him dated July 7, 1966, regerding the progress at that date. We pointed
out that the construction of the parking lot had been stopped due to the fact that
additional sewers were being designed to be installed in thie area. Mr. Tucker
ordered this work stopped until the sewer bad been installed. Approximateiy 30
days were lost while thie system was being designed, and en additional 7i days
were lost before we obtained a change order for this work. We complained vigor
cusly to Mr, Tucker and Mr. david iee for delaying the job during good weather,
end we warned them thet it would probabiy be sext spring before the weather would
perait the curbe end paving to be installed az the ground must be dry to perform
thie work.

In response to your phone call today, at which time you informed me thet our

bending company may be called in to complete this project, we would like to point
out that time extensions have been approved te extend construction through May 20,
1967. Also, we are entitled to extensions as outlined balow:

i, Additional time, 71 additicoral days while waiting on Chonge Order
Ho. 3 to be processed.

Ze Since the sewer contract was wet approved watil appronimately 2
weekg befere bad weather began, the new deadline should be adjusted
siter dry weather oceurs this spring.

3. Additional time should be granted for alternates that were accepted,

4 Ad├ęditionsi tiue should be grented for bad weather, which is out of
our centroi, and provided for ia the contract.

MR. JACK C. DELIUS Mareh 20, 1967

S. Nemeroue ether dslays heve beca encountered, due to changes,
decisions, etc.

the curb and walk sub-contractor hes resumed bis work now wder protest,
as he desired to complete hie work in ove trip, but he ca not, as we are awaiting
spproval of a change order to add additional drainage and waiks. This delay and
many others could have heen avoided if the planming had been completed before the
time the work was ready to be installed.

we have endured numerous hardships on thia project, due tc delayed decisions,
change orders and payments. Since payments are seldom made te us on or before
the 15th of esch month as provided for in the contract, we heve to keep additional
eapitel availeble for this project.

We would like te aseure you that we ere, and have been most arxicvs to.
complete thia project, but it hap been increasingly appasent thet we cannot
obtain the proper ceooperstion necessary to help expedite this work.

J. Ce Barrett
JCB: mb

cc: Mx. An Pe Brindley
Tucker and Howell

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