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Wilbur George Kurtz, Jr.

P. 0. Box 1734 Yo
March 8, 1967 /.

“Mn. Jack Delius, Dineoton ; A SNe
City Parks Department — a

City Hake
Atkanta, Georgia

Jacks. eo

Attached is a Letter which I received March 6th from
Bruce A. McNaughton of 230 Park Avenue, New York City.
~you-can-Be0. fiom the etter he has an intense interest
in the Cyctorama painting, and because of this, he en-

* eosed a check in the anount of $10.00 which is to

> senve as a contribution toward the new home for the
Cyckonana painting . . . in behalf of the great, great
grandchildren of Andrew Jackson McNaughton, 8th Wisconsin
Regiment, Auny of the Cumberland. . . which unit parti-.
cdpated in the Battle of Atlanta and is indicated on
the canvas.

This 48 a fine gesture, indeed, and I think it shoutd
be acknowkedged by you and Mayor Aken. Inasmuch as ~
the check is made payable to me, I wish to be advised’
by you as to how to endorse it bo it can be deposited
in an account which is eaunarked for the new home of

the Cyckorama painting.

T wikl hold the check until I hear from you. ‘Thanks
very much.

' to


ec: MA. Charles Leftwich...Ch 4 Parks C e
Mr. Tvan Allen. anys City 0f "Atlanta

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