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March 9, 1967

Mr, Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Governmental Liason Officer
Office of the Mayor

City of Atlanta ~- City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Dans

As you perhaps know, the City is becoming increasingly
concerned over the advanced state of the deterioration of
The Cyclorama of the Battle of Atlanta. Several experts
have given us their opinion on what must be done to the
painting and there ere severel decisions to be made; for
example, where to locate the new Cyclorama ~ or should we
simply remodel the existing building.

I believe that you mentioned in the Demonstration City's Bill
there is a provision for the restoration and preservation of
historical buildings, etc. Since Grant Park lies in the very
heart of the model city area I wondered if you would research
the situation a little further and see if conceivably we
could receive Federal assistance. It appears that a General
Bond issue is out for this project.

Thanking you for your assistance, I am

Jack C, Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation


ce: Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr. iar
Hon. R. Earl Landers i

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