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January 10, 1967

The regular monthly meeting of the Aldermanic Parks Committee was
held January 10, 1967, at 2:00 P.M. in Committee Room #2, City
Hall. Present were Messrs. Buddy Fowlkes, 2. V. Williamson, and
Everett Millican. Also present were Messrs. Jack C. Delius,

Stan Martin, F.W. Boswell, J. D. Chamblee and Thomas F. Choyce,
Associate City Attorney. The minutes of the previous meeting
were approved.

Mr. Choyce advised the Committee that Mr. Henry L. Bowden, City
Attorney, had turned over to him the matter of the locomotive,
which was originally placed at Southeastern Fair Grounds by the
Parks Department. He further advised that, legally, the locomo-
tive still belongs to the City of Atlanta. Mr. Millican made a
motion that the City claim its title to the train and ask the
Atlanta and West Point Railroad to find a suitable location for
temporary storage. Mr. Millican added that the Parks Department
should contact the Southwestern Corporation to see if the train
may be placed as an exhibit in Six Flags Over Georgia, the City
at all times retaining title to the locomotive. Mr. Williamson
seconded the motion which was duly carried.

Mr. Choyce also informed the Committee that the Parks Department
does, in fact, have the right by virtue of dedication to use for
park purposes the triangular parcel of property at Tremont Drive.
Mr. Choyce stated that he had obtained a deposition from Marie
Coney, who stated in part that, when she was sold th property that
she now owns, she was told that this triangular piece of property
was to be used for a park for the children in the neighborhood.

She further stated that she had lived there since 1949 and had
always thought of this property as being a park. A Mr. Bennett,
who sold the property to Marie Coney, has said that he would also
be willing to give a deposition. The Committee directed Mr. Delius
to obtain an accurate survey of the property before a final decision
as to its use is made. .

Mr. Delius presented a resolution to pay Mrs. Josephine Davis,
Recreation Leader, an employee of the department since 1946, time
lost due to illness, in addition to her accumulated sick time, not
to exceed sixty days beginning December 1, 1966. This resolution
was approved by the Committee.

Mr. Delius presented a letter from Mr. S. A. Furlong, dated
January 1, 1967, requesting that retirees be allowed to play golf
at a reduced rate of .75¢. The Committee took no action on this
request and asked that the letter be filed.

Mr. Delius advised the Committee that he had received a note from
Mr. Tom Bradley, Evangelist, thanking him for his 1966 park pass
and asking that the pass be renewed for 1967. The Committee denied
this request.

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Mr. Delius reiterated the fact that all EOA funds for recreation
have been cut off as of December 31, 1966. Mr. Delius further
explained that we have been operating under three different
contracts with EOA funds — senior high rise program, neighborhood
playlot program, and summer recreation program (Operation Cnamp).
Mr. Delius stated that EOA has now asked that the City assume their
recreation programs. Mr. Delius informed the Committee that it
would be impossible for the Parks and Recreation Department to
continue to carry on the three programs we have operated in the
past on City funds alone without curtailing other existing
recreation programs. He stated that the senior high rise program
already has been terminated. Mr. Millican directed Mr. Delius to
write a letter to Mr. Charles Davis, City Comptroller, with copies
to the Mayor and all members of the Finance Committee, setting
forth in itemized form the expenses involved in continuing these
programs, stressing the fact that these activities will have to be
curtailed unless financial help is forthcoming, and asking for
their direction in this matter.

There being no further business to come before the Committee, the
meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,



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