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February 12, 1969

GENERAL MANAGER ' Mrs. Ann Palmer Moore
FRED P. WHITLEY ' Chairman, Downtown Beautification Committee
ASST. GEN. MANAGER 1 c f Atl t
Sie chrpeth: Women's Chamber of Commerce o anta
SETS. SEN: MANAGER 1101 Commerce Building
‘Din. OF RECREATION Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Dear Mrs. Moore:

It was certainly my pleasure meeting with you this
past Friday to discuss the selection of trees to be
used in the Downtown Beautification Program, along
with the problems associated with this project.

The success or failure of this vital project will
certainly depend in great measure to the level of
maintenance afforded these trees. The undersigned
has felt all along that the Department of Parks had

_the primary responsibility for maintaining the healthy
growth and appearance of any plant material located

on public sidewalk areas in the downtown business
core. However, because of an extreme limitation in
budget and personnel, we have not been able to assume
responsibility in the past. We have sort of limped
along by requesting on an emergency basis a limited
amount of overtime to pay our people, etc. Asa
result, maintenance has not been systematic nor com-
pletely sufficient.

However, some months ago the City of Atlanta authorized
me to employ the second City Parks horticulturist and
the position has now been filled by Mr. Jan Bouwmans,
originally from Holland. We have in the last few months
been able to supply Mr. Bouwmans with a limited work
crew and we have a modest budget for shrubbery and

tree replacement throughout the City. Thus, it is my
feeling that the City of Atlanta is now in the position
to do proper maintenance and upkeep on all the downtown
trees, be that whether they are planted in pots or
placed in the ground. As an aside, we probably will
experience continuing difficulties with some of the
trees originally planted because they have become
"pnotbound"”, etc.

Mrs. Ann Palmer Moore
February 12, 1969

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It appears that Mr. Alexander, our arborist, in
cooperation with Mr. John Mixon, the Atlanta Metro
Forester, have very carefully researched several
types of trees that should do well in the downtown
environment. In addition, Mr. Alexander has taken
‘a long hard look at the type of container we should
use. If we in fact stick to the recommended variety
of trees and use. the proper container, and fill it
with a balanced mixture of good soil and moisture
retention material, I have every reason to think we
will have a successful tree program for the downtown

In summary, the purpose of this letter is to state

that the Department of Parks will assume responsibility
for the maintenance and care of the trees located

in the downtown area.

We are particularly grateful to you for your many
fine services, and I am


© Bh

ck C. Delius
neral Manager of
Parks and Recreation
ec: YMayor Ivan Allen Jr.
Parks Committee of the Board of Aldermen
Mr. Eric Harkness, Planning Department
Mr. Pierce Whitley, Assistant General Manager
Mr. C. M. Alexander, City Arborist
Mr. Jan Bouwmans, Horticulturist
Mr. Ray Nixon, Chief of Public Works

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